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  1. Monsters you wish were in this game.

    Hello again! I took a break from the internet. Anyhoo, Slimeborgs would be cool...As well as the WoePriest and HellCloud.
  2. I would of liked to have Dimensaur, Psycho Psaro and Asura Zoma... Maybe even a secret X Rank "Monster" God from DQVII(Even if didn't make sense.) If not god, Then Dark Dream.
  3. Anyone run into team Aliahan?(on the wifi)

    Right I finally got each to 99...it wasn't easy. *curses each time a Metal Slime or Metabble of King Metal runs away*
  4. Rank no. 5 and up, all hax0rers?

    This is why I'm not gonna play online for this game =/ In pokemon you have to register friend codes so you don't usually play against a hacker. I am uber pwner in pokemon You don't use Legendaries do you? No offense but I just can't find people who use Legendaries as "Good Pokemon" players.
  5. Anyone run into team Aliahan?(on the wifi)

    My Rhapthorne I got through intense late night plays.(I had a week off from school and no work. -_- My Orgodemir is the weakest and I'm switching with another Intense late night monster breeding feast. Orogdemir(Sob Le'Z) will be replaced by a Rhapthorne 2...So my team will be... Rhapthorne 2, Rhapthorne 1 and Dhoulmagus. I don't wanna use the Wildcard Ace(you know Wulfspace x Empyrea) I not using that...I could be nearly unstoppable with that.(as most people are.) Anyway, I worked hard for these monsters but I don't like false accusations! Cause damn! That week of late night plays made me think "Man I'm glad that wasn't a week and not everyday of my life!)
  6. You know, Orgodemir named Sob Le'Z, Rhapthorne 1 named Solomon and a Dhoulmagus named Dio? I don't care if ya beat my team...or I've beaten you. Just post your team here and ask(all though random and nearly impossible as it is?)
  7. What should I do?

    I got it! (They sent it early.) I loved it. Classicness.
  8. What should I do?

    I played a friend's copy. I liked it...and a own a GBA...so Yeah. everything works out.
  9. What should I do?

    I've actually decided to buy it. Now I have a new factory sealed copy being sent to me. I'm getting it Jan. 5
  10. Rank no. 5 and up, all hax0rers?

    Hey SlemporerII What rank are you? I'm rank 184(Team Aliahan is my team.)
  11. Dragon Quest VI DS

    Maybe they could add an option to ask Dark Dream to join you as a Monster. or have a Metal King join you this time!! Or they could add *puts up flame shield* a MINOR monster fusion system they would add up with +13 more monsters that could join your team.
  12. I've played the very first DQM when I was 8 or 9(I'm 17.) And loved it(But I sucked at it. Now I'm much better at games cause I'm older.) I never did experience DQM2, I only tried my a friends high save way back...(He had a Dimensaur, Zoma and a Whale Mage.) I wanted the game BADLY and never got around to getting it. Now I have the money, a GBA and can buy a BRAND NEW NEVER BEFORE OPENED Copy online. Should I do it? Or should I see if the old school charm is my thing and play it illegaly? (I'm tempted But I would perfer the actual cart.)
  13. My team is called Aliahan(after the kingdom in DQIII) and My monsters are Mortamor named Zar, Dr Snapped named Tetsuo and a Dragovian Lord named Zog. Each near MAX LVL(Not max LVL but pretty damn near.) Now they are strong enough to put up a fight in the Wifi Tournament. Sadly... -_- I may be accused of something I didn't do.
  14. What would be the best skill set for both

    Yes. I'm pretty shocked myself. But I need someone who also has them V_V I need to know what skills would be good for them.
  15. Right now, I haven't saved...But would be a good idea to make a Orgodemir and Dr Snapped equals? should they both have heal magic/offensive magic? I would like to use these guys in the tournament. As I mention, I haven't saved. but GEEZ for LV.1 monsters they have abnormally high HP and MP.(I checked and then shut off reloaded and refused to get them.) So, I need help deciding abilities for both Orgodemir and Dr Snapped.