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  1. I had recently synthesized the two of these monsters, and for some reason, I tried seeing how they do seperated. They do MUCH better when they're both in the group, and I mean the ONLY monsters in your team. They both blasted right through the first 6 monsters in the WWC, but I' wondering if there's better strategies or skills for both of them to have.
  2. Well, good luck. It's pretty hard to come by monsters like that, but if I had a Dr. Snapped, I'd give him these skills: Dr. Snapped (for attacks) Aquapothecary (for healing) Defense Boost III (for faster HP and Def. increase. Plus, he'll last longer in battle.)
  3. Mumboe-jumboh?

    I have a Ruin, and I can tell you one thing. SUCKISH...MP...AGAILITY....AND WISDOM.........otherwise, it's the 6th best monster you'll have.
  4. My team consists of a Buffalogre and Mohawker, otherwise I don'y know what to tell you. They both work well for me.
  5. ...You actually synthesized them?
  6. A maxed out Ruin, practically maxed out Nimzo, and a DARE NOT MENTION with the nightmare skillset. That should do.
  7. Ever heard of Critical Massacre?
  8. That's the EXACT same group that I have.
  9. breed help

    Synth the Beshemoth slimes together, then synth the king cureslime and metal king slime together, and then synth the remains. There, a darkonium slime. BTW, save before each synthesis, so one comes out + and the other comes out -. (unless you have the plus and minus scepters.)
  10. Would a lvl. 73 Ruin help beat him?
  11. What's making that soft moaning behind the steel door in the sewers at night, and second of all, what's behind the steel door, anyway?
  12. Then I guess I'll go scout one of those Metal King slimes on Palaish isle. I usually end up battling a lot of trainers who have them, there.
  13. Ah, screw the whole thing. Gem slimes must be harder to get than anything, if you have to scout a whole load of metal monsters. I'll just stick to ripping off exp from them. BTW, how much do you get for beating Solitare's Metal Kaiser Slime?
  14. I have a lvl. 42 Ruin who's attack is well over 600, he has 100 skill points in Anti-Metal, has the Metal-Beater Trait, and is equipped with a Metal King Sword. My other monster, Atlas, has a sledgehammer, 712 attack, and metal beater. Hoe come I barely get 10 percent on the scouting meter for metal slimes?
  15. EXP increase

    So this could prove helpful in preperations for the WWC...