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  1. Anyone with Animal Crossing City Folks?

    Oh, I'm in Canada... and I suck with time zones... The best way to tell is to find me in the IRC chat.
  2. Anyone with Animal Crossing City Folks?

    Omg thanks so much guys! My info is as follows Name - Beowulf Town - Mirabel FC 4899-7117-3171 I'll arrange a meeting time at a later date. Or better yet, find me on the IRC chat
  3. Anyone with Animal Crossing City Folks?

    Damn it lol
  4. I need an Orange. Anyone have one to spare? I'd like one to finish off my collection of fruit trees in town, so if you have one, spare me one if you would please.
  5. Nier is relatively cheap nowadays. But really Dead Rising 2 is amazing fun.
  6. Note about Zenotwapal

    I'm personally more interested in who this tart is. Clearly he has to have been here long enough to know of Lily. Curious to know who's behind the fake account.
  7. Golden Sun - Dark Dawn

    Have to say, as nice as the game is, a few glaring flaws IMO. First, weak story. It lacks the epicness of the previous two, and half way through the game, I had to remind myself that we were just going to collect a damn feather to repair something. And what stuff they did shove at us were pretty poorly connected and seems just thrown in to give the game some substance. Second, piss poor challenge. Having such a low encounter rate was great when you have that many puzzles to do, which I have to say is probably the funnest part of the GS series. But the problem lies with how fast you regenerate PP outside of battle, that you can just spam Psynergy in battle without worry, and regen most of the PP back until your next fight. Monsters don't most much of a challenge other than just an obstacle in your way from point A to point B. Overall though, a fun game, if not flawed.
  8. I feel sorry for FF7

    The charm of FFVII for me was the transition from SD 2D sprites to non-SD 3D models and the combination of the two created a less serious feel to it, compared to FFVIII even. Once SE starts remaking FFVII, all of that will be turned into full detailed 3D models that is all like SRSBSNS and lack any real charm. It'll just be another current-gen game with HD graphics that lacks any particular charm, and probably without a doubt a lot of stern and emo facial expressions and over complication of the battle system with long and extraneously animated spell and summon animations. I'll stick to my first PSX game ever copy of FFVII thank you very much. SE can take their remakes and shove it.
  9. Final Fantasy Theatrhythm? F*ck You, SE!

    Can't say I'm "upset" with this. SE since FFX has ceased to produce any substantial RPG's that interest me. Have to say this game does come at a surprise, considering the higher ups of SE mandated less risky new IP's. My only problem this game is that it's for the 3DS. Other than that, classic FF music in a rhythm game? Why not? Love Uematsu's old stuff.
  10. Games that made you cry

    MGS2 when Otacon was crying over Emma, Valkyrie Profile at Yumei's death scene, and Suikoden V at the flashback to the Queen's death. Not like bawling crying, but definitely had to hold back tears.
  11. Final Fantasy IV COmplete Collection for PSP

    As much as I hate getting remakes and reiterations of the same game, the inclusion of The After Years and the minor connecting extra makes this one a likely purchase.
  12. SE games other than DQ

    Agreed. Square isn't what it used to be, style over substance, and this gen's JRPG's is suffering pretty bad. Still, the Megaten games as Jean has mentioned are an awesome series to get into if you want good JRPG's.
  13. Hey!

    You should drop by the IRC chat sometime. Myself and another fellow artist occasionally frequent that place.
  14. Hey!

    Ahoy there, fellow Canadian (and other things ). Let's make your time here a rememberable experience! :3
  15. GBA Slotless DS Game Cases

    So with my recent purchase of Golden Sun Dark Dawn, I couldn't help but to notice that the GBA cartridge holder slot isn't there anymore... So how recent of a change was this?