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  1. Has This Ever Happened to You?

    When you're fighting NPC scout monsters they'll have HP over their caps, but when you scout them they won't. I scout them all the time, and they don't go over the caps.
  2. Rank F team

    The team I can rarely beat in the Regional SP tournament has: Komodo with Hypnotist and Uber Agility Boost Chimaera with Uber Healer Satyr with Champion or Anti-metal (has Oomph and Hatchet Man) The reason they're so good is because Komodo has 999 agility (with Uber Agility Boost), and keeps casting status effects. The Chimaera is Confusionproof to begin with and I suspect has Sleep Ward on it. The Satyr is Sleepproof and might have Confusion Ward on it. So it's very difficult to cast status effects on this team. Almost every round the Komodo tries to confuse or sleep you, the Chimaera Omniheals, and the Satyr casts Oomph. Once they're oomphed, they start attacking and do very good damage. The Satyr also uses Hatchet Man every once in a while, which gives a decent chance of a critical hit. Here's an example of what the team might look like: http://www.dqmjinfo.com/monsters/team/2/76...9/19/62/173/147 Or they may have other Wards as well to protect against mage teams (Uber Windblast Ward, Uber Cold Ward, Uber Darklight Ward, etc.). Here's the team I'm using: http://www.dqmjinfo.com/monsters/team/18/1...81/1/97/147/181
  3. I'm 99% sure it isn't. The Regional and Regional SP prizes haven't changed since day one. Someone posted the list of all the SP prizes a long time ago on GameFAQs but I didn't save it. My guess is it'll be a Download Station prize.
  4. best skill sets for wifi?

    I recommend reading the WiFi Guide on GameFAQs to get some strategies. I typically use 2 skillsets for stat boosts to get high HP and Defence (and hopefully high values in other stats as well). The 3rd skillset is different for each monster in the team. At least one needs a healing skillset (Cleric/Uber Healer). I typically have a monster with high agility and the Hypnotist skillset to try to confuse or sleep the other team. Then the 3rd monster might have spells (Uber Mage, Crack & Zap III, etc.), physical attacks (Warrior, Uber Knight, etc.) or a resistance (Sleep Ward, Uber Windblast Ward, etc.). There's all kinds of different strategies though - the wifi guide describes a lot of them. You can use the Create Monster Team page on dqmjinfo.com to plan out your team. You choose your 3 monsters and then it'll show you the stats and resistances/weaknesses for those monsters. Then you choose your skillsets and it will update the stats and resistances based on the bonuses from the skillsets. Here's an example of a team I use. (The reason I have Warrior on two monsters is because there used to be lots of hacked Metal Body slime teams (Gem slime, Darkonium slime, etc.) with 999 HP and the only way I could kill them was with the Hatchet Man ability.)
  5. Yeah with the new prizes from the Global wifi tournaments you can get 209/210 monsters and 192/192 skills. The only thing left is Robbin' Hood.
  6. You can now get Trode on wifi!

    So far the Global and Global SP prizes have been the same every day. It seems pretty ridiculous considering you get such good prizes. The prizes for Sunday's Regional SP tournament were Positive Puller, Neutral Ground, Sage's scroll, Seed of skill, and Metal slime. The Regional SP tournament has by far the worst prizes and it's by far the hardest. I've only won all 5 battles a couple times. Edit: The first 3 prizes for the Regional SP tournament always seem to be the same - Positive Puller, Neutral Ground, and the same scroll you get for winning the first round of the Regionals (Monday=Warrior, Tuesday=Mage, Wednesday=Priest, Thursday=Thief, Friday=Martial artist, Saturday and Sunday=Sage).
  7. Wildcard World Cup

    It was really easy to win Saturday's prizes. If you have a good team it doesn't matter if you're up against hackers or not.
  8. You can now get Trode on wifi!

    I'm guessing that the global prizes will be repeating every week like the regional ones, and Leopold is the prize of the regional tournament on Sundays.
  9. The global tournament is now open and the grand prize for Saturday (6 pm Friday - 1 pm Saturday) is Trode. EDIT: You can also get Empyrea on the global SP tournament (F-Rank teams only). EDIT 2: With these prizes you should be able to get all 192 skills and 209/210 monsters in your library. Here's the full list for Saturday's globals: 1. Team FC Barca Dullahan, Malroth, Alabast dragon prize = Riptide 2. Team champ!SH Hawkhart ace, Dullahan, Dhoulmagus prize = King bubble slime 3. Team MAIKO F Mischievous mole, Hammerhood, See urchin prize = Sledgehammer 4. Team MOMOCUB Dragonlord, Rhapthorne, Hawkhart ace prize = Grandpa slime 5. Team UdonSobA Riptide, Dullahan, Malroth prize = Trode And Here's the global SP info for Saturday: 1. Team Alba See urchin, Healslime, Bag o' laughs prize = Buffalogre 2. Team aQuamind Healslime, See urchin, Wild boarfish prize = Tortured soul 3. Team of Teams Firespirit, See urchin, Bag o' laughs prize = Garuda 4. Team milo Bag o' laughs, Capsichum, See urchin prize = Metal kaiser slime 5. Team MAIKO F Mischievous mole, Hammerhood, See urchin prize = Empyrea
  10. New DQMJ website

    I didn't accuse you of cheating.
  11. If you don't believe the people who have done it, get 206 monsters for yourselves and you'll see you need ALL of them to get them as prizes. With the download station thing, maybe it will be possible to get the other 4 now. Maybe not.
  12. Ultimate Weapons: Only one of each?

    You need to be at least +10 to get to level 99.
  13. Cheaters

    3 Incarni are easy as hell to beat online. Monsters hacked to 999 in all stats are much harder.
  14. New DQMJ website

    I changed the urls on the site to allow names in addition to ids. Replace spaces in names with dashes and remove apostrophes. Examples: http://www.dqmjinfo.com/monsters/5 = http://www.dqmjinfo.com/monsters/bag-o-laughs http://www.dqmjinfo.com/families/7/monsters = http://www.dqmjinfo.com/families/undead/monsters http://www.dqmjinfo.com/resistances/16/monsters = http://www.dqmjinfo.com/resistances/healed-by-frizz/monsters I also added the ability to compare monsters. Example: You can compare stats, resistances, traits, and skillsets of Mum, Boh, Jum, and Boe with http://www.dqmjinfo.com/monsters/compare/mum/boh/jum/boe You can add as many monsters as you want to compare to the end of the url separated by slashes. Just remember to replace spaces in names with dashes and remove apostrophes. I added another page to find monsters meeting certain criteria. It's not finished yet - I still have to add the ability to search by traits, resistances, and skillsets - but you can try it out here: http://www.dqmjinfo.com/monsters/find As an example, you could use it to find all the A, B, and C rank monsters in the Beast and Material families with at least 950 HP and 700 MP. Or you could find all the monsters with 'man' in their names for one of the monster proficiency test questions.
  15. Need Help + Infos

    There are buildings in the game where you can talk to someone to breed or "synthesize" your monsters. Your monsters have to be level 10 to synthesize them and they can't have the same charge. The charges are (+), (-) and (+/-). To get a Gem slime, it's Grandpa slime + Grandpa slime + Gold golem + Gold golem. Synth 2 Grandpa slimes into another Grandpa slime. Synth 2 Gold golems into another Gold golem. Then synth the Grandpa slime and Gold golem to get Gem slime.