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  1. Copying the trophy Method
  2. DQ Heroes II - Multiplayer Glitch Fix

    Patch in the works
  3. Dragon Quest Heroes II Progress

    Story wise, divide and conquer was my last mission. I've been doing alot of online, and fighting and beating a Gigantes was by far the most dangerous map boss so far. The battle dragged on as we slowly chipped away at its health dodging 1-2 hit kills. Currently level 33 martial artist with staves.
  4. Not sure if this has been addressed already, but there were numerous reports about online not working for many people. Well, it turns out the slime weapons break multiplayer. Even using the skins or transforming weapons to look like the slime weapons break online gameplay. Simply remove the skins or use a non slime weapon and the online works again. I had been breaking my head over this for 3 days and never occurred to me that the slime weapons were the culprit. Not a lot of people realize this, so I thought I may help others with the same issue. Already contacted SE of NA support and they had previously replied to my concerns before I knew what the problem was. Already contacted them again with details of the exact issue.
  5. Quest #163A & B - Preorder & Purchase DQH2

    Had this game preordered too My actual online name for this game is Zeekatron, just did this for proof.
  6. Im Zeekatron on DQ Heroes II if anyone bumps into that name online :)

  7. There's always sign-posts if your username is too long
  8. Thought it was out a few days ago already. Turns out I now have a past due bill. I knew I should have double checked my dates
  9. Thanks, and i just got it today too Amazon shipped early
  10. So my girlfriend surprised me with this screenshot on monday. Does it count if I didn't do it myself? Haha. She ordered via her own amazon account so i can't access it currently to bring up the date and to add my username on screen. My name is on there though, as per my blog and youtube channel. Will try to get a more official picture asap just didn't want to wait til last minute to post which i guess i pretty much did anyway haha.
  11. What's New with you?

    Nothing much [yeah right] just checking up on the Den
  12. Wii U External Memory

    I have an older 1 terabyte WD Elements hooked up to my Wii U. I no longer had use for it since I added extra storage to my Desktop so I just transferred everything there. Xenoblade Chronicles X had tons of DLC for enhanced experience, so I finally decided to just use my drive for that and other games I could re-download now.
  13. Demo is up on Japanese psn.

    I think the chests are worth 50 points by themselves, but there are bonus points if you have certain furniture pieces together. Once you build a room and add all required basic pieces, you get a new tile to make another room. When you make a new room, you can expand it you aren't limited to the room's first size. Just remove the wall and build a bigger one after it has fully transformed into an actual room using the required basic pieces. Bigger room means more furniture combinations, i always keep the basics and add the cooking spit to each one, and 5 pots seem to make anothet bonus. Also, the signs you find in the overworld are worth 100 points bring those haha. I have 7 rooms 2 stories with the basics and spit, then i just fill the remaining space with pots, 50 points each plus i believe a bonus for having 5 pots per room. For the record, i noticed at some point before max level, when my camp leveled up, if i removed the furniture and alot of points were deducted, but my camp didnt level down, just decreased points on the gauge. Then when i readded that same furniture with those same points, if the amount of points i removed were greater than the ones deducted before the gauge hit zero, the points would stack and i would get more points. So if someone wants to try, when you level up, right away take away furniture and you shouldn't level down it gets locked and you dont have many points to begin with for the new level and just readd the furniture pieces.
  14. Demo is up on Japanese psn.

    More fun than I expected, and I was already expecting it to be really fun Reached level 5 and nothing else seems to unlock. Didn't want to stop playing so I dedicated a little something to my girlfriend haha (our nicknames) EDIT: Got the Green Couch too from the Green Dragon. Worth 500 points.