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  1. Secret of Mana related Questions

    IMO if you can get FF Adventures over swords DO IT! FF adventures was a half assed attempt at a remake/re-release. It was just missing a lot from the original and was nowhere as good. By making the girl a playable character they killed about half of the original storyline off.
  2. Suggestions for games to play

    Dungeon digger, Ruin Factory 2, Chrono Trigger, Don't own a PS3 so no suggestions there.
  3. SaGa 2 DS

    They're rather tough. Weapons tend to break on you which isn't fun. My wonder is this going to be a half assed remake/release like FF Adventures was or will it be good? FF Adventures was good. I'm sorry I wasted my money on Sword of Mana.
  4. Help with the name of a game

    Now I gota dig it up. That sounds like the game I'm thinking of alright. Weird how I can remeber outlines, but not titles.
  5. Help with the name of a game

    Okay what I remember about it is the talking swords. The opening started with a guy on an airship (Maybe named Claud? Almost posative he had yellow hair.) who had stolen away, and finds this talking sword, and then I think ends up fighting with some people on the ship, then the ship crashes. There were...4 or 5 of these swords thoughout the game each one with a diffrent partner. I can't remember much else, but I THINK it was a PSX game.
  6. Joker monster look alikes

    Almost right. 3 is supposed to be Tyranasaurus, but I'm having issues with the hands to make it look like it's holding a hamer. That and Sabercat I'm not so happy with. Hmm, maybe I will try recoloring 3 to draco Lord, never though of him before.
  7. Yeah it's a contest for another site, to do pokemon recolors on any theme you want. So... Can you tell which joker monsters these are meant to be? With back armor Okay a new one from the answer list: I believe I like this one a lot better then my last attempt with this base. And one more random one: I fully admit some are FAR better then others.
  8. DS emulator

    Well, got my Cylos DS Evolution the other day. Still figuring it out, as it seems the instruction manual wasn't shipped with it. Still, for the price I paid, it wasn't that bad, even came with a 4 gig card.
  9. DS emulator

    Well, already ordered another one. Seems to suggest it will work with the old DS. And free shipping from near me so I should get it fast. Most places I looked at were overseas, and were expensive to start with, then shipping was 10-20$.
  10. new rpgs HELPPPPP!

    Maple story is no good. I played it for maybe a month, and there were so many scammer, cheaters, and such the game was no fun.
  11. DS emulator

    I HAVE a DS. I just have the original DS not the DS light. I've just seen the G4 advertised as being old DS compatible, whereas none of the others suggest they are.
  12. DS emulator

    Hmm... Only one I found supports the old DS for certain is the R4 though. At least locally to me. Well, found a Cyclose one, I'll see what happens. I mean a DS cart is a DS cart, so it should work.
  13. DS emulator

    Yes, but do they have anything to do with the old DS vrs the new? I've looked and noticed the R4 has a interchangable shell depending on the system you have. I'd rather not have to buy a new card if I end up with a new DS light one day.
  14. DS emulator

    Okay I know it was talked about earlier, but I can't seem to find the topic. I'm thinking of getting a flash card, or emulator, or whatever they're called for the DS. Wondering: 1) Which one is the best overall for that? 2) Is there anything i should know before buying one, as i have the old DS.
  15. Holidays 2008

    Let's see.. CT DS Disgaia DS Star Ocean 1 PSP Alarm Clock (My current one makes this most annoying buzzing sound EVER now)