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  1. Come back, sir, please!

  2. You dont come on anymore. Do you hate Ex-SKers now?....sorry i was bored.

  3. You really shouldnt have changed names...its confusing

  4. Slime Knights gift ! :)

    LUCKY!!! My Silent Hope nevar came. :x
  5. Video Games Live

    I thought $50 was a good price...
  6. EVERYBODY! Repeat this message!

  7. Video Games Live

    ?Is there something wrong with Halo's soundtrack?
  8. Video Games Live

    I plan to make it myself. If I do make one....hmmmmmmm.......Maybe I could dress up as a scientist with one of those headcrab hats I don't have XD.
  9. Ha! I comment on thy profile! ^.^

  10. Video Games Live

    Never tried. My mom can though I should learn too. I'm thinking maybe a Barney Calhoun costume. Though that may be a little hard with the chestplate that has the Black Mesa logo. I'd love to do Gordon Freeman, but lack of red hair, a beard, and a HEV suit doesn't make it possible.
  11. Interested about D&D3.5

    Also, about character sheets. Do they come with the core rulebooks? The minis or what? Can you use just normal paper or does it have to be a special kind of paper?
  12. Interested about D&D3.5

    I have a sudden interest in this game. Anyone else play? If so, what do I need to play? And I heard you can get new books or campaigns. Are any of these any good that you recommend? Are minifigures required? Can you play the game (the rules) with your own stories/campaigns?
  13. Video Games Live

    They still have the composers, and they are done with the game. Dunno about Bioshock.