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  1. Don't Delete Me Topic

    Please don't delete. Love Dragon Quest, just moving, starting new career et al. Thanks all, and here's hoping for a DQVII (3DS) announcement soon, otherwise I'm importing it this December when visiting Tokyo (which will, in turn, mean a localization announcement will be immenent shortly thereafter. Ha.).
  2. Gotcha. Appreciate the clarification.
  3. Great, great news! Best Valentine present Square-Enix has gotten me yet! Ha. Just curious, after watching the trailer it looked as if there were battles that did not take place from the 1st person camera view, and even a variation that had the hero dodging a shot from an enemy before attacking. Anyone have any info. about this? Is there a variation in game play for those that have imported it? Thanks!
  4. Gameing Blog by Texcap

    Appreciate the support Woodus, and hope a number of you guys will enjoy stopping by in the months (and hopefully years) to come. (And thanks for the comments Prince Arus.)
  5. My Collection

    Great collection Botsu! I know I've been champing at the bit to get all the Dragon Quest figures, but just haven't been able to bite the bullet yet given some of the high prices they go for. My wife (who hails from Tokyo) and I go to Japan once or twice a year now and I'm hoping I can pick up some of these at more respectable prices (and without her killing me for buying them). I managed to get a couple of the mini DQIX trading figures earlier this year (one with the complete slime armor) and I've got those proudly sitting on my computer desk. Other than that, for the time being I'm slowly working on collecting the JP Dragon Quest guides. Keep us updated on the collection!
  6. Baramos' Rare Drop and the Haomi Table?

    Wow, this just gets better and better all the time. But thanks for letting me know, I'll try and give it a go later to see what the result is. Edit: Success! Got the Aliahan clothes the first drop after applying this formula (and after reading a little more about the Haomi table in general). Really appreciate the help, and hopefully I'll be able to pull this off with a little more success from now on.
  7. Baramos' Rare Drop and the Haomi Table?

    Just to update, after getting the Aliahan Boots (multiple times) I went ahead and leveled Baramo up to Lv. 9 for a shot at the Aliahan clothes, which after re-checking the Bestiary is his second drop at this level. I didn't want to use the Haomi table right off the bat if the clothes are a fairly regular drop, but after ~5 times I started to get weary of the same battle and gave it a try. I got within one square of a blue square on the chart and went to town hoping for the clothes drop. What did I get? His rare drop, a Silver Orb! That said, I still want the clothes darn it all (nostalgia!). Hopefully I'm going about this right and that at the very least I'm upping my chances and learning how to use the table for future legacy bosses.
  8. Baramos' Rare Drop and the Haomi Table?

    Appreciate the clarifications (and the advice). And you have my apologies, in each of the demonstrations I've come across the first line is the one that is most often depicted as resulting in a red box (that we're to move within one square of) and I was having little luck with that. The two times I went ahead and tried to move within the one square of a red box on one of the other lines it just resulted in mini medals -- but apparently the boots are simply a lot more common a drop after leveling Baramos up to Lv. 4. I'll be sure to look closer at the Bestiary in the future. [Edit: Just got the boots on the battle following this post w/Baramos at Lv. 2. Ha, figures.]
  9. I'm having a heck of a time with this, so I thought I'd see if you guys had any idea. I've been attempting to get Baromos' rare drop on his first level (Aliahan Boots) and have fought him 3 different times (without having leveled him following the fight) only to be rewarded a mini medal each time. I thought I'd try the Haomi Table to see if I couldn't get the rare drop and move on to his next level, but for nothing can I seem to get it to work. I follow each of the steps outlined at the guide here twice but after getting it down to one link following the 6 calculations, and pulling up the table, on both attempts I've yet to have a red square appear on that first line of the table (there's usually one or two interspersed on different lines). Any idea why there might not be a red box? The only thing I can imagine is if I'm making a mistake in casting HEAL on different characters (though I've been assured that's fine in the multiple sources available) given that all my character's magical mending is high enough to heal them completely in 6 attempts. "Now use normal HEAL on your character (only one character) that is low. Write down how much HP is restored each time. Do this 6 times and type them in the next 6 boxes of the calculator. Make sure you DO NOT fully heal your character, they need to be low enough before you start. It's ok to perform the 6 heals on different people." Anyone else had this problem, or know where I might be fumbling it up? Thanks a million.
  10. edrick set

    Right, I actually use "Loto/Roto" as the name of my hero in the game, just used "Erdrick" because so many people identify the character that way. Like yourself, I just wanted to deck the hero out in Erdrick's set as a homage to the character and for that added nostalgia factor. Thanks for chiming in and good luck with the quests!
  11. edrick set

    It's DLC quests 177 & 178. They are not available yet through normal weekly quest downloads. Thanks folks, this (along with the additional info. about the Aliahan equipment and alchemy) is exactly what I was looking for. I'm just getting to the point in the Post-Game content where I can start taking names in the grotto's so I'll be looking for all those great drops I keep hearing about.
  12. edrick set

    Appreciate the follow-up, but what remains unclear to me is whether or not the DLC quests for the rest of Edrick's armor (in the form of 'rusty' armor to be cleaned through alchemy) has already been made available? I ask because I've heard conflicting stories that it'll be made available some months down the road, but some players already appear to have obtained it, so I'm not sure if they've used alternative methods for donning the armor or if I can get cracking on tackling those quests. Just wanted to see if anyone who had actually tracked it down could set the record straight as I know I'm not the only one seeing these out. Thanks for y'alls time!
  13. Alchaid

    I love the DQVC service and eagerly await what it has in store each day...but Alchaid week...not as much. There's an awful lot of items that I stumble upon or can buy for beans everyday and I haven't checked it in a couple of days as a result. Still, can't complain, I see these things from the eyes of a kid that grew up with Pong, Pac-Man and Xaxxon and really appreciate all the extra content you whipper snappers get these days! Look forward to next week's DQVC to see what's in store.
  14. Bad times in Dragon Quest IX

    As I level up my party in the grotto's hunting MKS, I've taken notice of an ever growing hatred for Slugly betsy and those freaking clown statues (can't even be bothered to look the name up I dislike them that much) that jump in my way every 30 seconds! Not to mention betsy spawning in the narrow corriders! They're just challenging enough (just revocated for the first time) that I've got to keep a careful eye on things, watch for kamikaze attacks, and generally waste MP and HP that I'd rather not expend while hunting. Great satisfaction watching the buggers die and all but I'm hoping for a grotto in the near future without 'em! Otherwise, not many complaints to speak of, love the game!
  15. edrick set

    I'm still learning about Erdrick's set, so can I ask you guys how you've gone about getting the armor set (previously thought it was DLC down the line)? I've obtained the "Rusty Sword" as well as the "Rusty Shield" and am working on the "Rusty Helmet" next as I collect mini medals, but I'm still at a loss for how to go about getting the rest of the armor and haven't found a guide yet to piece everything together. Also, is there a handy guide for which items are needed through alchemy to transform each of these items? I apologize for all the questions but Erdrick is my favorite DQ character and I'd definitely appreciate having the complete set as a homage. Thanks again.