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  1. Don't Delete Me Topic

    Don't delete me please!
  2. Happy Birthday Mist

    I made Mist a Yoshi and Slime Birthday Cake ^_^ We are still contemplating on if it will be eaten or not...
  3. Happy Birthday Mist!

    Happy B-day Hubby I hope you enjoyed our night out and Your B-day Cake, sorry about not posting earlier... ah busy. 1/4 of a century and still going strong!
  4. hey guess what?

    I'm in Japan! LOL

  5. I've been around, just not in plain sight is all.

    How goes all the doctor stuff?

  6. Hiya SIS!!! dq ix soon!!!!

  7. Ive been great, you've been gone :P

  8. Hi Cloudy! (Glomp) Long time no see, how have you been?

  9. Esturkdq4's Tournament's #27:Best Game of 2008

    i LOATHE your bracket system!!!! The Nintendo games should have been placed against the rpgs!!!!!
  10. Esturkdq4's Tournament's #19-22:Best Game of 2000-2003

    i was torn too, but it pains me to say this... but, I can't believe I'm going to say this- but GrandAlchemist knew how to vote!!!!!!!!!!!! I know, its the end of the world! I'm already packing, lunneth and company were great, the thing is that it had to be GA! ;(
  11. Esturkdq4's Tournament's #27:Best Game of 2008

    People don't know how to vote.... FF IV > DQIV So next time get your glasses on and stop copying grandalchemist because he is not the Miz and obviously not awesome.
  12. Esturkdq4's Tournament's #23-24:Best Game of 2004-2005

    EVIL!!! How dare you put tales of symphonia vs star ocean 3?!!!! I couldn't choose and by the way tales was on the game cube in america, japan got the playstation version of this game. EVIL!!! Bro, start making these brackets go my way or else! *looks at oxidized castrating kit*
  13. Esturkdq4's Tournament's #23:Best Game of 2004

    I said it once, now I say it twice: Grand Alchemist can't vote. As supreme empress I declare we just negate all his votes or just ban him from voting. I don't care what Alchy says to me, in the chat we'll end up castrating him anyway.
  14. Esturkdq4's Tournament's #21:Best Game of 2002

    GrandAlchemist doesn't know how to vote, lets deduct his , i hope he does read this, so there.