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  1. What RPG's are you currently playing?

    So far, I like it....when it works. Dinosaur computer. I need a new video card to probably get past the paradox interactive bug I have. Game plays for about 15-20 minutes or so and hard freezes. I got it fixed for EUIV and Crusader Kings (drivers) which work well again, but it only allowed PoE to play. NVIDIA sucks. Game runs better than Heroes of Might and Magic VI however........
  2. What RPG's are you currently playing?

    Started a new RPG. Pillars of Eternity for PC. Supposed to be an old school game. I bought it on sale today. Paradox and Obsidian are behind it so I have high hopes.
  3. I married a redhead. As for Maribel, one of my favorite DQVII (PSX) characters. I'm always laughing at her comments, especially when angry. My favorite was the party chat after finishing the game when the hero talked to one of the characters. "Dave, why is your face so red? What the hell were you doing in there, you jerk!?"
  4. What's New with you?

    The latest case I heard was someone doing a Brett Favre and sending a picture of his tallywhacker (is that term allowed? - got that from movie Porky's) to a woman that wasn't his wife. I never understood why someone would do that. All I'll say is that I'm glad that I never cheated on my wife and never screwed up with any of my employees and contractors.
  5. Music stuck in your head?

    Thanks to the State Farm commercials. I remember the TV show vaguely growing up.
  6. Music stuck in your head?

    RIP Tom Petty
  7. Holy crap, I hate Murdaw.

    One of the toughest bosses I ever faced was the DVI SNES translation Mudo. It was between him and Hellcloud in DWVII. In DS version, difficulty reduced from a 9+ to a 7. Still very tough, but not to the same difficulty.
  8. I only played the PSX version, but I think the party chat and Maribel is hilarious.
  9. Cristo chants Defeat! It does not work on Necrosaro.....
  10. Good villain, much upgraded in the DS version. (can't remember the SNES transcript name). He was the easiest fightable villain to despise of the DQ games.
  11. Good character with depth. Good early game character in combat. Only complaint is that he's slower than molasses in January late game. (Only played PS2 version)
  12. What's New with you?

    All the family's up for the annual Independence Day vacations. Tourists are everywhere this year.
  13. Simpsons Discussion

    That show's been around forever. I was 15 when it came out. I haven't seen it in ages since I think it's gone stale, but I remember when it was real controversial in the early 90's. "Underachiever and proud of it!" was a T-shirt often worn by kids to school. A lot of my friends' little brothers wore that in elementary and middle/junior high.
  14. What RPG's are you currently playing?

    What drives me nuts about those Granite Titans in the NES version is that they are supposed to have about 380HP. I go way over it....and they are still alive and keep hitting my folks for 70+ damage. Finally got back to Radiant Historia. Good game, but it is very difficult - as in Sierra Point and Click difficult. It's not difficult in the sense that I get killed often. I've gotten game 5 times, but all in one spot where the boss likes to summon self-destructing enemies. It's difficultly is in finding what to do next and when/where to go back in time.