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  1. Translation Project

    Hmm, if I knew how to make it easy to work together using an Android app probably could get a lot of assistance. Kids these days always on their phones! Also looks like there was some typo correction in the 3ds version. Not too big of a deal though. ã“ã®ã‹ã£ã“ã†ã€€ã‚ãã¡ã‚ƒã£ãŸãªâ€¦[Line]{MALIBELL}ã¯ã€€æ€ã£ãŸã€‚[Line] <FF20> thought about[NL]changing outfits.<FF0B> ã“ã®ã‹ã£ã“ã†ã€€ã‚ãã¡ã‚ƒã£ãŸãªâ€¦â€¦ã¨[Line]{MALIBELL}ã¯ã€€æ€ã£ãŸã€‚[Line] #9999[Line]She realises she's had enough of her current look, and decides it's time for something new.[Line] If I only had more free time...
  2. Translation Project

    Oh yeah sure, I really wanted to be careful in my criticism. If I has a volunteer to de-accent the script and also target some of the place changes I wouldn't mind that. Though otherwise the PS version is already done and it's something I can do with minimal assistance. Hmmm, who could possibly help with that sorta localization.
  3. Translation Project

    I did fine a version with the symphonic tracks inserted back in, it's named "Dragon Quest 7 US - UNDUB - SYMPHONIC" Anyway the main reason I am posting is to say I seriously tried giving it a chance. The dialogue to start was OK. Using Pilchard instead of fish wasn't too bad, though it was beaten to death. I did get annoyed at the overuse of kipper, wta is that? The Scottish accent wasn't too bad either, it seemed to fit well. Then I got to the town formerly known as "Dialac" and things just went to hell. The dialogue was so thick with a fake germanic accent that I had to strain my mind to understand what was being said. Before I tried to annoy the other party members by ignoring instructions for what I should do next and just chatting with all the NPCs, but now it seemed like a chore. Enough was enough, so I am making an extractor/inserter so I can put in the PS version of the translation where available. While the Playstation translation admittedly has errors due to the size, time constraints (and money?) but out of all the localization before and after it seemed like the best mix of keeping the original power of the story while having some localizing. I will have to adjust some of the names that were shortened due to coding limitations and maybe run a spell checker on it too. I already have a FPT extractor which is step one. So I do have a full script dump but I'm assuming either I gave out the script or someone else made an extractor. Step two is I need to match the English version with the Japanese text in Eden no Senshitachi 3DS. Having some issues tracking the 3DS Japanese version down though. Step 3/4 I think is already done, match the PS version English and Japanese. Then step 5 is to match the Japanese in both the PS and 3DS and replace the English in the 3DS version with the associated English in the PS version.Usually there is very little change in the Japanese versions so unless it's a new added feature it should match up nicely. Then of course there's cleanup and menus and tag differences etc, but that's not so hard.
  4. Translation Project

    Yah, just need a lil direction and a lil push. ^.^ Though depending on how legit the reports are DQ7 may still require a tweak.... Midi? Ugh! I'm doing better. Had some health issues that sound scarier than they are. Soon though I'll be makin some coin and feeling even better I'm really out of the loop.... I thought DQ7 3DS was already out. o.x
  5. Translation Project

    *Casts vivify on the topic* Wait what, you guys got a C&D and ya stopped? SAWFT! Just kidding, C&D's mean SE actually cares (about money) and it was obvious a release was imminent. If SE would have sent one for DQ5r PS2 that would have been "great news", but I think they really didn't care because it was a version that had no chance of release outside of Japan. I'm regaining my enjoyment of life now (I think I can now look past a localization that tries way too hard) so I might even give DQ7 3ds a whirl. Wondering if the legit cart would run on a 3ds with arm9loaderhax...
  6. After pressing send while using the quick (not full) messager in firefox I just see the slime sending animation continue indefinitely. When I open another tab and check if the message was sent it appears as if it did. kthxgoal. Edit: Ok it finally did dismiss, though not sure if it was after a long period of time or if it was triggered by me posting this bug report.
  7. Translation Project

    No prob, In the next few days I'll post an update there, got some news.
  8. Translation Project

    I said the magic words and gerb fixed DQtranslations right up.
  9. Translation Project

    Yup nothing to see here.
  10. Translation Project

    Don't ask me. Wait what, I didn't as you for anything. Testy. Damarsman popped back in a little while ago, but then disappeared again. I don't know how to get ahold of him. Well let me know how long you noticed it was down first, maybe it's routine?
  11. Translation Project

    That is definitely from the Debug menu. Those a story warps/flags. Yeah, the only issue is DW7PSX has 3615 entries and PQ7PSX has 3625, so someone would have to find the extras and remove em. What, Phantasy Quest VII? lol Hey Tom, you were part of DQTranslations, right? Is there anything you can do about the DQTranslations site being down? How long was it down? Damarsman would be the guy to ask. Also I need a DQ7 3ds um, hookup *hack*cough*hinthinthint*.
  12. Translation Project

    That is definitely from the Debug menu. Those a story warps/flags. Yeah, the only issue is DW7PSX has 3615 entries and DQ7PSX has 3625, so someone would have to find the extras and remove em.
  13. Translation Project

    Hm mm I'm going to need to look at the actual ROM when I find it. While earlier in the thread there is some technical chat on the fpt0 format I usually have to actually see the binary to understand it. I'll need to look exactly how DQ7 3DS organizes the text vs how the PSX version does it. Right now there is too much variance in textbox size to align it properly. I did do some work with DQ9 (turned the punny puns down from 11 to a 4.5) and it used a lot of different encoding methods and the MPT0 "format". Optimally it would be best to be able to add/subtract text boxes and change pointers so that all the text fits and looks nice and pretty. Oh, and if we can get it to align properly I have a cross reference list from DQ7 PSX. It appears to be debug but it might help with "Dragon Quest VII 3DS: Scenario Titles Translations". Or maybe it's somewhere else. 0FF6-0000 ãªã— 0FF6-0001 ã—ょãã˜ã‚‡ã†ãŸã„ 0FF6-0002 アミットã”ã†ã—ã‚…ã£ã“ã†å‰ 0FF6-0003 アミットã”ã†ã—ã‚…ã£ã“ã†ã” 0FF6-0004 マリベルãŒãªã‹ã¾ã«ãªã£ãŸ 0FF6-0005 王ã•ã¾ã¨ã¯ãªã—ãŸã” 0FF6-0006 ã“ã“ã‚ã¿ã—ã£ã±ã„ 0FF6-0007 ã‚‚ã®ã—ã‚Šã˜ã„ã•ã‚“ã®ã‹ã„ã©ã・ãŠã‚ã‚Š 0FF6-0008 X2ã—ã‚“ã§ã‚“ã«ã¯ã„ã£ãŸã‚㨠0FF6-0009 マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ã‹ã“・ã—ょãã˜ã‚‡ã†ãŸã„ 0FF6-000A マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ã‹ã“・マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ãªã‹ã¾ã«ãªã£ãŸ 0FF6-000B マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ã‹ã“・ã»ã†ã›ãã•ãŒã— 0FF6-000C マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ã‹ã“・ゆã†ã—ãµã£ã‹ã¤ 0FF6-000D マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ã‹ã“・ゆã†ã—ã‘ã¤ã ã‚“ 0FF6-000E マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ã‹ã“・中ボスã¨ã®æˆ¦ã„ 0FF6-000F マãƒãƒ«ãƒ€ã‹ã“・ã‹ãªã—ã„ã ã„ã ã‚“ãˆã‚“ 1026-0000 <82C8><82B5> 1026-0001 DEF 1026-0002 B4 the voyage 1026-0003 After the voyage 1026-0004 Maribel joins party 1026-0005 After talking to King 1026-0006 Experiment failed 1026-0007 Deciphering completed 1026-0008 X2 inside fane 1026-0009 Mda/PS/DEF 1026-000A Mda/PS/Mda joins party 1026-000B Mda/PS/Look for jewel 1026-000C Mda/PS/Return of Hero 1026-000D Mda/PS/Hero-'s Decision 1026-000E Mda/PS-BTL against Boss 1026-000F Mda/PS-Sad end
  14. #DragonQuestIn5Words

    Maybe it has to do with DQ6. You know that one quote that pops up and says "We gotta save the cow!" Let's just say instead of a puff puff, you get a mooff mooff. It's from DW7, but they said that puff puff is just "Sounding a horn". Not sure about cows though.
  15. Message quota

    You da man. I only suggested it per level just as a way to limit space usage. Not sure if that's any kind of concern for ya.