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  1. Nimzo would be good, and give him cleric(for gigaslash).
  2. They are acually pretty esy to find in the dougeon with the last boss. in the room with the Silvapithecus' flying around use wistle and you will find metal king slimes.
  3. +/-/± Differences

    My captaincrow was a negative monster lol
  4. when your picking where you are from you can pick square enix headquaters.
  5. Well im rank 101 now but this video of me tells me i should be alittle higher in rank.... what do you guys think? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIuvy_itLU4
  6. My rank has gone down all the way into the 60s.
  7. I Messed u p my team.

    yea its just a red alabast.
  8. I think a floor or two under where you fight snap, and you have to be inside the cave. Oh and my new team Took me all weekend to make. Ogodemir Lv:99 +20 (+) hp:800 mp:860 atk:750 Def:830 agl:480 wis:915 Uber drk dynamiter. max attk boost III. max Cleric. max Gem slime lv:99 +10 (+) hp:224 mp:999 atk:999 def:999 agl:999 wis:999 Def boostIII max agl boostIII max Cleric max Alabast Dragon lv:75 +8 (+) hp:999 mp:610 atk:820 def:930 agl:807 wis:820 Frizz & bangIII max Agl BoostIII max Cleric Max
  9. Yea but you lvl faster with the metal kings and you will run into full teams of metal monsters alot of the time.
  10. Not all the way, and its worth it to because you fcan spend as much time as you want there.
  11. I Messed u p my team.

    You should have saved him to make the final boss of the game. Now you'll have to get another Lapthorn. SM, Death Pizarro does look awesome. Anyway, you should be getting this game weeks ago... A Zoma with good stats would be great because of the double attack per turn. A Deathtamoor even better because his HP and MP fill up automatically each turn! And that's not even taking into account how cool he looks! i just turned a dethmoore into ogademeir yesterday :-P.
  12. You can find king slimes in the last cave, but you have to go pretty far up to the top... and they seem kinda common if you use wistle.
  13. LOL fook read this

    I just happend to pick the name team craetive becvaue i couldnt think creatively at the moment. I have no asociation with the website or person you are talking about, in fact i have no idea what you are talking about, and aparently i do have a creative bone in my body because im going to colledge for grafic design.