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  1. SNES Emulator that saves movies?

    EDIT: Here's the link. Thanks for your help Fafnir. Thanks -- that worked. It was wayyy easy. As soon as Youtube "processes" my clip I'll link to it here...
  2. SNES Emulator that saves movies?

    i'm sorry, i didn't phrase that right. i know how to record a movie in zsnes, but not how to save it (convert it) in a format that can be played by any other program but zsnes (like an .avi or a .mov as nester can do). actually i thought i figured it out yesterday, with a tutorial at zsnes.com, but when i tried to do it it froze my computer.... >_<
  3. It's so easy to save a .mov file in nester, but I don't know how to do it with Zsnes. I'm trying to save part of DQ1.II to put on Youtube. Does anyone know of a SNES emulator that can easily save movie files? And if not, is there some shortcut to doing it with Zsnes that a computer illiterate like me could easily figure out? Thanks in advance!