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  1. DQ VII Remake: Aye or Nay?

    i'd love a remake of dq7, even though i have it for the ps1. cause for one it'd be portable, and secondly it'd give me an excuse to beat it again lol!
  2. anyone here go to gaiaonline?

    i'm just glad i'm not the only one that thinks gaia sucks, in a way though they did me a favor. when i couldn't log in today i decided to play my gba instead. i turned on poke'mon emerald and now i'm addicted to it all over again! (going to play through dq8 again afterwards)
  3. anyone here go to gaiaonline?

    i had two of those mc items on my account that would've sold for well over that, if it'd let me log in i could give them to you. oh well, who cares right? in my opinion gaia turned money hungry so i was going to leave anyways.
  4. anyone here go to gaiaonline?

    i guess your right, it was begining to feel like a waste of time there to me lately. although i feel bad for everyone that is still there though, i'm glad that it's fine here cause i was thinking of returning here since i had got bored of gaia even before this happened!
  5. Now Playing

    Haunted By Evanscence.
  6. Ask a question

    A:i have no idea lol! Q:can the remakes of gold/silver poke'mon games for the ds support pal park?
  7. anyone here go to gaiaonline?

    i go there alot, but today i tried logging in there and it said my password was wrong! and when i tried to log in to my e-mail account i used for it to figure out what was going on it said it didn't exist, i'm like wtf!? anyways, everything here's still normal thank the goddess. anyways, i just thought i'd post this incase anyone else here has an account there. oh well, they just lost a member lol!
  8. has anyone heard from the dark link?

    well i came back recently and i haven't seen or heard from him at all, anyone know where he went? i promised him i'd get back online one day, but he's no where to be found!
  9. Ask a question

    i do! has anyone noticed i'm back?
  10. i'm finally back everyone!

    my modem's finally fixed and my computer's back online so i'm planning on coming back here but will you all even care?
  11. hope to see you again!

    hi! in case everyone's wondering where "chatterbox" aka me went, my computer was fried in an electric storm and won't be fixed until around new years day! which means i won't be online anymore until then and it's really sad too cause i like this site!
  12. YO!

    hello, welcome to the site!
  13. Hello

    hi and welcome to the site!
  14. poems

    hello i'm sorry i haven't posted a new poem in so long i have been with my boyfriend, but i'll post one again soon i promise!
  15. What are you currently playing?

    i have been playing castlevania:sotn a lot lately and i'm at level 70 and have about 40 hours of game time on it!