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  1. Want More Proof Capitalism Sucks?

    You're already showing prejudice against me even though I have never done anything to harm or discriminate against you. Second, hate is never justifiable, even against your enemies. Wow, just wow. I wasn't making an argument about abortion of human embryos. I was talking about a particular topic that I disagree with the majority of the Democrats on and that I can overlook some arguments if there are more powerful ones that I believe the Democrat is right on.
  2. Emulation newbie

    I remember hearing that there was a DQIV remake in the works for SNES, but that it was cancelled. Can anybody confirm if this is true of not?
  3. Woodus...

    LOL, member number makes me feel old here hehehe And can anyone explain me why Woodus has a so nigh member number? (~80 if I'm not mistaken)... and who is the numer 1 and why? LOL Number one is probably the default Admin account. I tried using the url syntax of the forum to figure out the member name: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showuser=1 But it just sends me to the front page of the forum. The second member of the forum works though http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showuser=2 merlin1189 with 17 posts Just use this text: http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showuser=(number) ...and replace (number) with a number you want to check for.
  4. Want More Proof Capitalism Sucks?

    Then all that proves is that you are just as prejudice as those who descriminate against you. I dislike the lack of sympathy and empathy that much of the left wing has for human embryos, yet I don't eliminate them from an option for giving my vote to just because of a disagreement about some issues. I've voted for Democrats in my state's congress before, and I probably will in the future. Conspiracy theories galore. Have a fun time proving any of that. BTW, there are lifeforms on other planets, but they aren't alien. Bacteria from contaminated space probes have been deposited onto the Moon and Mars, and some bacteria can survive in those environments for a somewhat lengthy amount of time. I've already discovered my reason for existance. Everyone has to find it somewhere. Limited brain power, eh? Figure out what this equation is for. It's the reason why space travel is not feasable (hint: It's not the light barrier, though it involes light). After you figure it out, then we'll talk about limited brain power.
  5. Want More Proof Capitalism Sucks?

    First off, one, attempting to travel the stars is a fool's erand. Do you know exactly how much energy would have to be used to send a spacecraft to the next nearest star system in a reasonable amount of time (under 100 years)? Even it we created a fusion reactor that had 100% efficiency, the spacecraft couldn't carry enough hydrogen fuel to make that trip. Humanity has no hope of traveling anywhere in space much farther than the Kuiper Belt without taking millenia to do it. Second, there are far more important matters down here than up there. Humanity will always be at war with itself. Humans are self-interested, and when to people's interests conflict with each others', the majority will fight to solve their problems. As sad as that is, it's just how humanity is, and it is impossible to try to change that. The best thing you can do is what the Roman writer Vegetius suggested: "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum." "Let him who desires peace prepare for war."
  6. Want More Proof Capitalism Sucks?

    Nice try, but nothing phases me anymore. Sounds to me that you enjoy trying to piss people off and tooting your own horn. Not very diplomatic, either? I must ask, how many people debate against you on this forum? Because with the way to say things tends to incite arguments and enemies very easily. Your posts have always looked to be trying to extrapolate the doings of the extremist 'Christians' onto the rest of us. As much as you say you aren't (which I believe you), it still looks that way. I was simply stating that I and my fellow Christians do not follow that path. We go up agianst these guys all the time trying to stop them. Sounds like someone here doesn't understand General Relativity. Read up about GR, and then you'll figure out why we're not zipping around the cosmos.
  7. zelda

    BS Zelda was an official game made by Nintendo for download on the Japanese Super Nintendo Satellaview download service. It is sort of a remake of the original Zelda game for NES. BS stands for Broadcast Satellaview, the full name of the Satellaview peripheral.
  8. I would tend to disagree with that perception. Humans are just like other animals: self-interested (call it greed if you want), desire to propagate their genes, adapts to their environment, seeks shelter, eats plants (and most of the time meats), drinks water, attemps to avoid death. There are four things that I can remember off the top of my head that sets us apart from other animals: 1. Dramatically higher intelligence 2. More sophisticated use of tools 3. More complex forms of communications 4. Ability to contemplate our own death The only one of the above traits that other animals don't have is the ability to contemplate their own deaths (though this is debatable). Everything else other animals have done, just not to the degree that we have. And about peace without man: carnivores/omnivores hunt and kill animals for food. To me, that doesn't seem like peace.
  9. Want More Proof Capitalism Sucks?

    DISCLAIMER: What I am about to say to Lily may really piss you off if you are a Christian. If you are TRULY a Christian...and my words piss you off....then it is high time you publicly stood up to the extremist "Christian" "leaders" in this country, and made them stop hijacking your good religion, and giving it a bad name. BECAUSE THEIR ACTIONS PISS ME OFF!! If you are truly a Christian, then YOU TELL ME what is "Christian" about hate? What is "Christian" about violence? what is "Christian" about violence directed against a specific group of enemies of choice...violence which is intended to terrorize an entire group of people, merely because they belong to the hated group of people? And what is "Christian" about speech intended to incite and foment violence against people who happen to belong to a chosen group of hated people? So far as I know, Christ never advocated any of this SH*T. Any person who claims to be a 'Christian' and advacates hate, unprovoked violence, etc. is not a true Christian. Contrary to what you think, the majority of Christians in this country (United States) mind their own business and don't impose their beliefs on others. Your perception of Christians comes from viewing these high profile, low population of 'Fake Christians' who are doing nothing more that masquerading under the guise of a Christian and spreading hate and discriminatory messages. I suggest that you learn more about real Christians before you try to put us all under the same label. And you don't think the media focuses on the extremists in Christianity as well? There are plenty of religious extremists all across the globe. What makes you suggest that North America has more of them than the rest of the world?
  10. Windows Vista

    Tell me how well it works, cause you just got me interested to see if 2003 might be an option for a desktop OS.
  11. Windows Vista

    When I mean multimedia functions, I mean like programs like Windows Media Player are missing. It doesn't come with Win2003 (if I remember correctly). You'd probably have to install music players, movie players, and the such if you wanted to listen to music and watch videos (which I end up doing with XP anyways because I use WinAmp and VLC instead of the built in media players) As for games and other programs, as long as they are Win XP compatable they should run fine on 2003 too, 'cause they are pretty much the exact same Operating System underneath.
  12. Windows Vista

    I've never tried to use Windows Server 2003 as a desktop operating system. Other than being very minimalistic on the number of multimedia functions that is has built in (which is probably why it's more stable than XP), I don't think it would be much different than Windows XP. But, there is a plus to 2003 over XP. I believe XP has a limit of having only 2 Gigabytes of RAM and 2 processors, while 2003 Enterprise Edition can have up to 32 Gigabytes of RAM and 8 processors. You'd need a server motherboard to be able to take full advantage of all of that, though. As for Windows 2000 and Windows 2000 Server, I have not used either of them. My experience with Windows is mostly with 95/98, XP, and Server 2003. Previous to being introduced to Windows Server 2003, I used Novell Netware or Linux for server purposes (and actually still heavily rely on them).
  13. Windows Vista

    Yeah, I agree with that. The main reason for that is 'security by obscurity', though. I could easily pick a really obscure or obsolete OS (example: Commodore 64 DOS) and it would be more secure than any Linux or Windows machine (granted, I would need a network card for a Commodore 64, lol) I don't really have the time to learn another operating system, I get plenty of fun just monitoring and configuring the computers I already take care of. I've already crammed Commodore Amiga Workbench (first computer OS I ever used), DOS, DOS based Windows, NT Windows, various Linux distros, Novell Netware, and limited amounts of Mac OS into my brain. My brain will explode if I put anymore in, lol.
  14. what's in a name?

    I came up with the name Validus sometime around 2000. After finding out that there was a comic book villian with that name, and a software company that makes computer programs for medical technologies, I decided to add a last name to my psudonym. Razgriz is taken from the name of a mythological demon mentioned many times in the video game Ace Combat 5. I just thought the name sounded awesome, and I liked the incorparation of Razgriz into the storyline of the game.
  15. Windows Vista

    There is a logical reason to write viruses and other malware for Linux. Unlike the 98% of all desktop computers being Windows, UNIX and UNIX-like operating systems dominate the server market. Attacking a few servers can have as much damage as attacking tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of desktops. These viruses also can directly affect desktop computers running Linux. Viruses are less common in Linux, but they are far from nonexistant. I'm not worried about viruses myself. Since going through my network security class in college, I have yet to catch another Windows virus. I've done legal hacking of Windows and Linux computers. Though I agree that Linux is harder to hack, it wasn't too much harder than Windows. Security has more to do with how knowlegable the computer user is about securing their computer and OS, and less to do with what OS they're using. A smart Windows user is nearly unhackable, and same goes for a Linux user. My main concern is that most of these forum goers are not familiar with Windows. If they started using a Linux machine, they won't understand how to properly take care of the computer. Another problem is that there are over a thousand different distributions of Linux. I've used Slackware, Red Hat, Fedora Core, SUSE, and quite a number of other ones as well. Different Linux distros act, behave, and sometimes control differently from each other, and I even run into trouble forgetting that what I do in one distro doesn't work in another one. But, I will definently repeat. I hate Windows and Linux, but I'm stuck using them because they are the only viable option for most applications today. I'm not saying that people shouldn't switch to Linux, but I'm warning that they should know what they are getting into before try or they'll mess up their computer.