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  1. Best Buy Event - Where will YOU be?

    Got the map the event itself was pretty interesting for sure. There were about 20 people at the Palm dale Best buy. Got slime shirt stickers and DQ9 Poster. Didn't get much else as not too many people were higher end players. only like 2 were 70+. I don't think Best Buy really cared about the event though as when we first went in there was a sign for it and after my family and I started asking questions they took it down. Was pretty cool though all and all. I do believe we need to have some events later on. like Dragons Den events. Any way that we could possibly sign on to promote the game? I mean we would have done a much better job than Best Buy at the promotion
  2. Looking for a suit of armor

    What about the Legacy Bosses? I don't see other guys that give maps on normal
  3. Looking for a suit of armor

    I see where Erdricks Shield and Helm are but what about the Gauntlets and Body armor?
  4. Lets set up some raid times

    Doh Oh well. This game feels very close to a MMORPG though I have no doubts Hori has been thinking about making one
  5. Lets set up some raid times

    If a few days I will hopefully be able to go wifi with my game. I think if anybody else is interested we should arrange some times we can meet and go into Dungeons to battle the bosses. I am a Jack of All trades although I'd probably be Heavy Damage Dealer and Tank type of Character
  6. Hey guys I don't know how many of you remember me. I was fairly active around the release of DQMJ and DQ4-5 and then I kinda fell off the edge of the world. But to quote our favorite robotic spider ''I have Returned'' Looking to have some fun with you guys on DQ9 over the net.
  7. What Anime are you watching?

    I didn't mind him at first when he was doing something I mean I understand he is just a kid but early on he was atleast trying to do something later on he was just pointless just in animes I like when everybody is doing something even if it's minor. I just don't like worthless characters
  8. What Anime are you watching?

    I thought the series was rather goods but that aside the series never finished the story. The story itself however was finished *Spoiler* Yes they finally killed Naraku and the Jewel was destroyed by Kagome I believe later she was sent back to her time then later went back after highschool and found Inuyasha after which time she decided to stay in feudal era with him Sango and Miroku got married and I forgot what happend to Shippo although not like it matters as he was a worthless character anyways
  9. Ask a question

    I've been very busy with schooling and such only a week between tests so yeah. I haven't had much time
  10. Ask a question

    A: Are you happy with it if not then you should redo it Q: This is my first post in this topic in a long time how many of you people miss me?(Hears crickets cherping)
  11. DQ V Help

    It's that Jar of stuff you picked up that was next to your Sun Crown. Use that on the lave in the room to get rid of it
  12. 3rd Trimester

    Yeah Dwaine for crying out loud man knock that stuff off it ain't cool or funny just disturbing
  13. Final TnT Board and Estark

    I spent all day yesterday and a few hours at it today and finally beat it take a wild guess what the prize is?