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  1. A deep discussion about weeaboos

    I prefer old school cartoons myself. The only times I've ever watched anime was when college friends had it on TV. I think a couple were "Akira" and "Witch Robin" (forgot exact name) with a girl who does magic. I also remember a couple anime movies on the sci-fi channel from years ago. One where a swordsman with a Korean or Vietnamese straw cone hat killed demons but lost the girl. The old school cartoons I love: Fred Quimby produced cartoons, Tom + Jerry, the Flintstones, Jetsons, and Looney Tunes. I like watching cartoons for the laugh factor. I have fond memories of 80's / 90's TMNT cartoons as well. What would my classification be? Old-school-aboo?
  2. Favorite DQ pair?

    Psaro X Rose, IV Hero (Male) X Eliza, V Hero X Bianca. Kiryl X Alena Madason X Nera Blade X Fluerette Hero VIII X Medea Harry X Maria Some of these names are unfamiliar to me. I've played DW 1 through 7, but forgot who Kiryl or Madason are. Haven't played DW 8 or 9 yet.
  3. Thanks guys! Much appreciated. By the way, I'm curious... we should put more DW content for FAW's, cheats, charts, lists, etc. For me, a few monster lists in the pages for the older DW's don't work too well. They don't show location or some other stuff even with the boxes checked in.
  4. A deep discussion about weeaboos

    I don't see these kinds of obsessed people in Boston. However, I've seen other kinds of weirdos like people with 12 inch spiky mohawks or girls with neon pink / green / blue hairdos. No costumes though.
  5. Hey all, I was wondering where a list of Lucky Prizes is for DW 7? I'm at the Dharma Casino in the past and I'd like to get the best uber gear I can get out of the casino. I remember Dharma is probably one of the longest quest grinds in DW 7. Penal Town -> Dunegon -> Arena -> Dunegon -> Dharma. I want to get through that grind as painlessly and low leveled as possible so I can blow through class changes easily. Keep in mind, this is my 3rd playthrough so I want to see how different things are with everything I've learned from the first 2 playthroughs. I remember there was a list or FAQ that had every winnable item from the 3 casinos. Lucky Panel in Dharma (past + present) Lucky Panel in Coastarl Lucky Panel in Immigrant Town casino Can anyone help out with this? Thanks!
  6. Hello Dragon den folks...

    Welcome to the Den. Watch ye step, and get to scrubbing them decks, swabbie. Yarr!
  7. Sure, no problem. As for the guys who asked for monster hearts, the debug menu or gameshark can add it in for you, bypassing the whole 500+ battle randomness of monster hearts, especially Dumbira ones.
  8. Found out how to do it. 1. Debug menu 2. Select either of the first 2 "S" Japanese words in the first menu 3. Warp to where it takes you. 4. Select the first "S" word again, and scroll right in the new menu that pops up. Scroll to "Dunegon" and select it. Warp to a cave-like battle screen. 5. Open debug menu again, and scroll right to "Mosnter Modify" and select whatever monster you need. Go all the way down to the 2nd-to-last character with a number between 0 and 7. IMPORTANT: This number controls how often treasure drops. 0 = always, 7 = never. 6. Change the number to 0, then go back to the debug menus, which should have "Tile Battle" 7. Play around with different numbers, 000 = run away, 001 = slimes / centbeasts / eggplantons, 002 = more of the 001 monsters... 004 - 007 = Lipsy, Tonguerat, Earwinger, Cactiballs, Cat Mage, etc. in different random groups... and so on. 8. Kill them / battle normally. Save the monster you want for last, then kill it last. It should drop treasure 100% of the time with a "0" in that monster's config menu described in step 5. 9. Once you get whatever you want, change the monster treasure number from 0 to its original value between 1 and 7. 10. Do step 1 again, and warp to rainbow gradient room. 11. Select the 2nd "S" word and pick first "C" series, then pick any of the first few words in there, you should warp back to Estard Present. 12. Resume ywhere you left off before doing all this. Problem solved.
  9. So how about that Capcom?

    I loved Mega Man and the X series. I thought the way they did the later X spin-offs like XZ or Zero was kind of iffy. I didn't like how they killed off X (I never played the actual games but read all the plot summaries). In my opinion, a nice resolution to the Mega Man series would be to make a game that connected the original series to the X series. Mega Man 11 where Light has Mega Man collect parts to start creating X, and Wily starts creating Zero. However the two scientists need a lot of energy to charge up, and the energy charge up would take a while to activate the stasis chambers or something like that. So Light and Wily won't live to see the activation of both advanced robots, leading to the X series. However, Wily's body is left comatose and a mystery surrounds him. The end of the X series would have Wily return. Even though Sigma is "dead", a new virus starts to spread, and the infected Reploids wilh have an "E" (flipped over Sigma symbol, and when you think about it, both E and Sigma's symbol do look like "W" rotated 90 degrees). After some battles and polished story, the series ends with a final battle with Wily, which is now a advanced Reploid (mind transferred from body to the robot) that posses the abilities of each Reploid in the game as he tries to imitate how Mega Man and then X copies defeated bosses. Wily and his viruses for good. Add in a nice epilogue after that. Series is wrapped up nicely. I loved Breath of Fire, but I don't consider "Dragon Quarter" part of the BoF series at all. It doesn't quite have BoF flavor in it. Ant town? No multiple dragon transformations? No Nina flying (or hovering)? Nina being speechless for the most part? I think a nice wrap up of BoF if it's to be finished... Tie up all 4 BoF's in an arching storyline. Deathevn returns (he was never truly killed off in BoF 2). The world has entered a Second Techno Age. He has regenerated his power after centuries, and wants to exact revenge on the Dragon Clan. He has learned from his mistakes and evolved more defenses against dragon stuff. He quickly converts the world via the church but utilizes the church as "St Evans" as per BoF 2, but as the world has forgotten about the Brood, he can pretend St. Evans is a dragon god. Tricking the hero into helping him. The hero after doing a few quests and "help people in need" for the first 1/4 of the game, discovers ruins of the Brood and learns their god is Ladon, not St. Evans. He finds Deathevn there, and Deathevn easily smashes the hero. However, Deis manages to snatch away the hero as he is about to die. She tells the hero the story of the other 4 BoF's, and tells him that Deathevn still hasn't learned from his mistakes about power of teamwork and hope. This is where the 4 BoF's are listed chronologically... Possible sequences: BoF 1 --> BoF2 --> BoF 3 --> BoF 4 (leaning towards this) BoF 4 --> BoF 1 --> BoF 3 --> BoF 2 BoF 1 --> BoF 3 --> BoF 2 --> BoF 4 Deis sends the hero to rediscover the lost bloodlines since in the "Modern world" of BoF 5, Wyndians have no wings, no more Worens or Grass Runners, etc. Just humans. This is because Deathevn sealed away each of the lands of the major races away or altered it. The Hero goes back in time to collect a group of the sealed away race and in doing so, breaks the seal on the land as the seal can only be broken by pure bloods of that race. Throughout the process, the Hero has a mysterious benefactor (in addition to Deis). BoF 1 era: Wyndians, Mole people, Wolf people,and Ox people. BoF 2 era: Monkey people, Frog people, Dog people (Bo's people), and Armadillo people (Rand's race) BoF 3 era: Rabbit people (Momo's people), and Faeries BoF 4 era: Fox people (Ursula's people), and Worens The process would be similiar to DW 7's sealed away lands and time travel. However, unlike DW 7, instead of lands, you unseal races, and restore their weakened bloodlines to their pureblood versions. Add in some backstory to explain why lands and history changed between each BoF era to fill in plot holes, continuity errors, and what have you. Finally after reuniting all the races and repopulating the world, , the BoF 5 party travels to the restored Demon World (Deathevan restored it from BoF 2 era) for a showdown. Deathevn still proves to be too strong, but the mysterious benefactor reveals herself to be none other than Myria. She wants to correct her mistake of spawning Deathevn as he now threatens the world that Myria has always wanted to "protect". Deathevn is surprised, and in the confusion, the party manages to find Deathevn's weak spot and Deathevn loses some power, making it possible for the last battle to take place. Upon defeat, Myria decides to sacrifice her life to destroy Deathevn so he doesn't goes to sleep and regenerate again, killing him permanently. The act also requires Deis's sacrifice as well since she is a sister to Myria. As long as Deis lives, Myria lives, and vice versa. The three culprits of continued BoF conflicts (BoF 1 - 3) is eliminated, no more Deathevn to influence people (BoF 4's Fou Empire and the world of BoF 5), and then add in a nice ending backstory to explain that with Myria, Deis, and Deathevn gone, its a Brave New World where all the races have been restored and tie up all remaining loose plot holes. I know its just a rough overview, but the idea is there. Just a nice way to wrap up everything nice and easy, while giving as much satisifcation as possible. The idea can be tweaked around or feedback on.
  10. Old timer here

    Hah. I won't record your deeds in the imperial scrolls of honor, then! I like humor and wit. Things would be so bland without them, that's for sure.
  11. Hey all, Not sure if this is the right forum to put this but... I was wondering if any of you guys / gals play the Facebook game "Galaxy Legion"? Its the best quality FB game out there. Much better developer support than Zynga games like Farmville, Youville, Cafe World, Mafia Wars, etc. Galaxy Legion (GL for short) has good progression of levels, technologies, and customability. It's a lot like Master of Orion 1 + 2 in terms of goals and gameplay. The developer actually takes his time to listen to player suggestions and implement them, along with responding directly to player inquiries about bugs or problems. The game constantly adds new content and is 99% bug free, unlike Zynga games which are probably 50% bug free. I'm a level 328 spaceship in Galaxy Legion, been playing it for a year and still nowhere near bored with it! I'm curious if you play GL, or if you play any other facebook games.
  12. Do you know which warp leads back to the Falrod / Falrish area? I'm in the area now, getting ready to tackle the storyline there. Just killing monsters to collect GP's and a couple levels cuz I remember MechGod is one hell of a battle, considering its a double boss battle, one right after the other.
  13. Old timer here

    Yeah, I'm amazed that DD is still around. It went through a lot and is still kicking. Huge props to Woodus! I've seen quite a few other gaming forums and they're like whinefests or fanboy-dom in a bad way. GameFAQ's being one prime example. Full of forum BossTrolls.
  14. Old timer here

    We can always do with a bit of girlying up. Keeps things interesting. Its good to see you still around, Lily.
  15. Google+

    I'm not too keen on Google even though I have gmail. The email works fine but I have been having problems with google searching. Almost every time I try to click searched links, it does the Google Redirect to ad, spam, or Microsoft sites instead of the site I want to go to. I have to go back and forth like 5+ times before it directs me to the searched web URL. I doubt its a virus because I tried several different virus scanners and they don't detect it. Even updated scanner programs. I heard that reformatting the whole hard drive won't work either, and I'm not too excited about doing a reformat since I have about 200 gig's worth of stuff on my hard drive. I think its a problem on Google's end or a virus that's infected their search engine. I never download suspicious stuff or looked at virus infected sites. I pretty much refuse to look at warez, torrent, or porn sites where a lot of viruses are hidden at. Ditto for e-mails from people I don't know, or emails with blank stuff or full of URL links from people I know (address book spam virus schemes).