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  1. Is there you can breed anything cloudking into that is strong because i need some strong monsters but im looking for some new ones that i havent had yet.
  2. Dragon Warrior 3 NES Question

    I'm playing DW3 and i am stuck. I just got the love letter from the ship but i cant give it to his lover because everytime i get close it pushes me away. How do i get it to her?
  3. What DWM2 family is the best?

    When i first started DWM I loved beasts, but as I played more I have come to like devils. I am a huge fan of Akubar and Jamirus.
  4. I'm a big fan of DWM and I beat DWM 1 but now I'm playing Cobi's and i just started and I'm already stuck. I am in the Sky realm and I have already gotten the armor pieces from the haunted castle and the wind tower , but i cant find out how to get through the tiny hole south of the castle. Can yall help me?