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  1. Anyone headed to PAX East?

    Oh yeah, I'm going today, and you can bet I'll be canvassing for guests! My map leads to a level 73 water dungeon that has Metal King Slimes - perfect for exp. grinding! And also some Moai Minstrels and Bling Badgers for certain quests.
  2. What would you change about DQIX?

    More puzzle elements in dungeons. You know, like tiles that have arrows on them, frictionless ice, switches that open and close certain gates, invisible walkways... you know, that sort of thing.
  3. I will be buying this guide! I have official strategy guides for every Dragon Quest except VI, so my collection is almost complete!
  4. My Nintendo Power just arrived

    If they're as awesome as their articles on Dragon Quest IV DS and V DS were, consider another issue bought by me! Cha-CHING!
  5. I decided to kill the Octagoons in the grotto areas where Liquid Metal Slimes show up on occasion. This way I can get some fast EXP while I keep hunting for the required number of the beasts!
  6. DQ6 Facebook page up

    What the heck - count me in!
  7. Quest 71 is frustrating!

    I really need to find a Stenchurion while sailing. Trouble is, I seem to encounter virtually every other monster that can be encountered in the water, but no Stenchurion. Anyone who's completed this quest, can you help me where in the ocean I should be looking? Or should I just try killing the Stenchurions around Gittingham Palace instead? Respond plz, kthxbai.
  8. I just figured I'd do this poll just for fun. I don't know the official release date for either of these two games, but I'm pretty sure both of them are going to be released in North America this year. No matter which of them is actually going to be released first, 2010 could be the year of Dragon Quest! As for me, I voted for Dragon Quest VI. I mean, we've gotta get the Zenithian trilogy out of the way first, right?
  9. I personally think #4 was the toughest.
  10. OMG all three of my predictions are in there! Awesome!
  11. Amos becoming Aneus? Don't give SE ideas... Anyway, my predictions were "Nevaeh" for Barbara, "Cristian" for Chamoro, and "Mireille" for Milayou/Muriel.
  12. I don't remember. It's been a long time since I played that game... However, I do know that you will need to bring the Goof-Off class to at least level 5, along with the Dancer class, in order to gain access to the Superstar class. Also, completely mastering the Goof-Off class will allow you to learn the oh-so-unpredictable Palpunte spell (or Chance, or Hocus Pocus, or whatever you want to call it.) Of course, that info might change in the DS version...
  13. And if you thought the Goof-Offs in III were annoying, wait until Dragon Quest VI comes out. You'll probably REALLY get frustrated with this class...