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  1. The fundamental flaw of Final Fantasy IV DS

    lol, I came into this thread with a "What!? They did a great job!" attitude, but it's oh so true!
  2. dragon quest swords(wii)

    Uhh, don't worry, the game may be hard, but you'll level up eventually.
  3. Square Enix store?

    How long ago did you order from them? It can take a couple days for the package to migrate through USPS' system.
  4. Should I buy it?

    I'd buy it if you're really fishing for something to play. If you have a Gameboy, or Gameboy Color, I'd recommend picking up a copy of Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, as it's gameplay and storyline are most like that of the main series as far as the Monsters' games go. KaioShin, a fan translation group also released a patch for Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart some years ago, which is worth playing. Don't get me wrong; I'm not trying to steer you away from DQMJ, but just know that other games are more like the main series, if that's what you're after.
  5. Looking good, can't wait.
  6. Heya Dwaine. Tom-Servo, er, DQ5r linked me to his post in IRC, and I realized I have an account on here that hadn't been used. Prices on Ebay for the controller seem to be $20-$40 depending on the condition.
  7. A truly epic find! Are you going to leave it in the box?