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  1. Well Its Been a Couple Years Since I have been here

    That would actually be awesome if you could find out and if you want to talk about that project pm a little more about like the story and what not and we could talk about it.
  2. Well Its Been a Couple Years Since I have been here

    Well I have checked them I was asking about some precompiled tilesets for vx because I am horrible by that I mean GOD awful at graphics programs and arranging tilesets and things of the sorts and from what ive found on them I was unable to locate anything of the such. Thanks for the help though I really do appreciate it.
  3. Hey guys not sure if anyone remembers me its been a good 2 years since I have shown my face here never stopped liking dragon quest still played and play the games got addicted to world of warcraft. If you want to see the rest of the coming back post check the fan game forums i do not feel like typing it again and making people read it twice lol. Also woot it only took me 5 years since i joined but 100 posts lol.
  4. Well Its Been a Couple Years Since I have been here

    Hey guys I doubt any of you really remember me but that is not a big deal I never posted to much anyways. I have recently been back into dragon quest again not that I ever quit liking it or got out of it I just got entangled in an addiction called world of warcraft lol. I have still been playing the games and recently sought a return here. When I first posted here I was a pretty new game developer being over ambitious wanting to make a 200+ hour rpg rivaling my favorite dragon quest 7. I have over the past year and a half taken a new devotion to computers and programming actually teaching myself C++ among other things and will be going to college this fall to pursue a degree in computer science. Recently I thought now would be a good time to try and make a game again just more realistically setting goals. I still don't have the knowledge to make a game anything near dragon quest in C++ or any other programming language to be honest that would be out of my reach yet however i have gotten rpg maker vx and would like to take a shot in it and would like to know if anyone could help with getting some tilesets for vx i love the system just hate the tile system. I know this isn't the returning forum but i figured since i mostly ever posted in here i might as well post this here and not make 2 posts and just ask my question. it would be lovely if I could get a hand into my return to game development now that i am a lot more experienced and less naive to my capabilities. Sorry for bothering you guys and thanks for reading this giant post.. P.S. I could also make use of some character sets as well if there are any resources like that available I have not been able to find any on the internet, I would be giving credit of course.
  5. Question about Windows Vista

    Is there anyway that i could get RM2K to run on vista cuase i cant get XP anymore when i got my new computer and i still want to use rm2k?
  6. 3 word story game

    I was walking towards a cactus during a snowstorm I felt odd It was cold. So I Began to shout PINGAS!! Which made people jump into the Pit of Gaia to get warm while all along slimes were partying in Trodain Castle with Rocket blasting a frustrated Mealworm listening to speed while on weed. Then there appeared a generous PlatKing That liked to entertain his subjects with crazy contests of great whimsy that folks adored. He went pee(lol) on the votes of 2000's presidential supreme court decision of epic fail which led to his speedy arrest and detainment in post apocolyptic america all arising from an ape faced smelly arsed lookin wanker named Robotnik also known as my sister's pet Who has also I am hungry (aside - as much fun as this is, I'm totally lost as to what's going on. Could we maybe put all the posts together into a paragraph and then the next person could just copy & paste the story and add their 3 words?) I suppose we (could dc-laughslime.gif ) feel lazy about bowling with sheep in the "slime-light-zone" that was really Billo the Clown's circus of "fun" and extreme Pain! which really was A Big Hamburger loaded with cheese loaded with Denners loaded with Squadalah!! So the party checked the enclosed hotel instruction book. (Sticks up index finger) We all decided that Youtube Poop is the greatest
  7. The Words Game

    My nickname is SAM
  8. 3 word story game

    my sister's pet
  9. Want to play my 70 hours DW7 save ane help me?

    I did when i beat him last night at the end of the first disc. Best him with 3 people.lol
  10. What are you currently playing?

    I am going to play through some of the Dragon Quest games to help wait for DQ4. I have never played any of 4-6. Right now playing DQ1 SNES level 6. Just level grinding right now. Hope to beat it tonight or tomorrow. UPDATE EDIT: Now level 15 just have beat the dragon and saved the princess.
  11. Dragon Warrior 7 Damage Formula

    Ok thanks. I guess i will work with that along with some of the other games formula since you say they are all pretty close to the same thing. Agin thanks.
  12. Dragon Warrior 7 Damage Formula

    Anybody know it or were or were i kind find it. Thanks
  13. Ask a question

    A:Yes World of Warcraft (Warcrack) Q:Has anyone else played or play an online game
  14. Happy Independence Day!

    I was at a cook out all of yesterday. Lots of fun and food! I guess a lot of people had bad weather luckly the rain here waited till after our town set off there firewoks. Happy 4th. I know day late. Neclord: Try having lightning striking a tree next door thats sounded like a bomb went off.
  15. Dragon Quest 8 "Solo"

    Dragon Warrior 2 solo for the nes is plum out crazy and i am pretty sure that is impossible and as far as know has not been done. With the hero you have no healing. With the prince you don't have enough healing nor damage. With the princess you have healing but no were near enough damage. I don't know about the remakes though it may be possible. If there was a way to milk stat seeds (i am not sure if there is) than it could be possible.