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  1. The End of a Legend

    That reminds me, i gotta play DW2 some time i havent played it much because my roms is messed up, got to get i new one
  2. DQ GBA?

    Yes i was exited to see another DW( well guess i should say DQ now ) game come out and was actually the first new playstation 2 game i have ever bought, all the others being used... But I hope many newcomers to DQ will start buying because of the great reveiws and praise of DQ8, and who knows we may see more DQ titles on our handhelds.
  3. DQ GBA?

    Well it sure would be nice, but i think the reason why they wont is because of the popularity. it was never as popular in the united states like the ff series was.
  4. Hi guys i was just wondering if you think there is any chance of being releices of any of the dragon warrior games 5&6 for gba. just wanted to here your ideas.