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    Dhoulmagus....dhoulmagus.....and.....dhoulmagus! XD
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    *twirls in* HIYA! I'm new here! And, as you probably can guess.....I'm obsessed with my Dhoulmagus! *pops out her chibi Dhoul plushie and squeezes it* But anywayz, nice to meet you all, I'm Dhoulmagus' girl, known here as Lady Dhoulmagus, no? And what a quirky lil' name, eh? Keh keh keh!!!! *twirls and puts her plushie away* I'm an underling of Rhapthorne here...he's my boss of sorts you could say and whatnot. Do I like him? Indeed! I do, but still, he;s a bit demanding at times. I'd much rather be squeezing on my Dhoulmagus ~____^ Kehkeh keh! *much winx and blows kisses* But yah....if you ever wana talk, just let me know. I'll be over here doing my job XD XD XD XDXXXDDDD *turns around and bumps out* TOODLES!