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    I'm new to this forum and only on my first playthrough of the game but, I first got a 100 tension on Yangus way before I left Farebury. I decided to level up for quite a while on the axoraptor that runs around the cliff close to the first entrance of Farebury. I found out quickly that, if I wanted to win those fights and get my exp, I had to psyche to 50 with both Hero and Yangus. About the third or fourth battle with 'ol Hackzilla, Yangus got to 100 tension. I don't remember what levels Hero and Yangus were but they were in the single-digits, low-end. I thought that this was something special for Yangus at the time so I didn't get Hero to 100 until I got Jessica in the party. She hit 100 before Hero but I just kept psyching everyone until Hero hit and I had a good laugh at his SSJ hair (I'm one of the few who actually enjoyed DB and its follow-ups I guess). I made Angelo get to 100 as soon as I got him. I doubt that there are level restrictions or anything on breaking the 50 barrier, all it takes is the number of times you psyche up to 50 and let it fly. My two or three cents anyway.