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  1. well Hi Mettool I have 72000 in the bank ,, thanx for the advice ------------------------------------------ welcome Esco What is realy good about killing machines they attack 3 times per turn , first by hitting(120-80 dmg) then shooting by arrows(90-50 dmg) then by using laser attack(60-40 dmg). and as you said they have a good defense against breath attacks ... and they take less damage in physical attacks than talos or any big gaint . now I`m at rank s .. by the way ,, where can I find octurian ?? --------------------------------------------------------------- thanx every body ,, ((dig dag dig dag dig dag dig dag ))
  2. Hi ,, Befor the old lady Babushka died she gave me a key for the godbird , so I read the inscriptions on the five monuments, the inscription tells that you should have a sea chart . where may I find it !? Another thing is about monsters ,, I have the following monsters in my team: Talos 801 HP Living statue Goldman 326 HP Gold Golem Brickman 386 HP Golem They are from the same family but I`m stuck in rank B ,, they crush me at the first round , some time Talos survive to the next round , But with less than 100 Hp The other 6 monsters that I have are : Bladewolf 455 HP Jumping Jackal Potbelly 574 HP Jargon Hackzilla 575 HP Hacksaurus Deadnobel 429 HP Bone baron Cybot 525 HP Killing machine Roborg 432 HP Killing machine but they r weak against the other fiends .. I am asking where can I find stronger monsters than what I have Maybe If I can find another Killing Machine monster I would be able to deafet them coz I hav two already .. And how I could make another team ?? Thank`s