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  1. next time put SPOILERS! on the title you just ruined part of the story!
  2. Trode's "Says and Donts"

    lol ok i run alot ill admit it. mostly from when i am searching for infamous monsters in low level areas. the first talked about how i am more of the adventuring type then fighting type. he then said the monster population is thankful. the one i got 2 minutes ago was ''A retreat there, a withdrawal there.It soon adds up! the number of times youve fled form battle , you could try for the world record.
  3. Have you cried?

    i almost cried when paige in brothers in arms earned in blood died and almost in tales of symphonia
  4. Stupid 'Review'

    dang and i respected them for their terrific insight on the shin megami tensei series!
  5. Odds & Ends

    i have gotten alot of items, iron lance, short bow and soldier sword lol not great but i was excited when i got the sword till i remebered that is the starting weapon!lol
  6. good ways to make money

    i thougt plain cheese and rock salt made soft cheese? action replay! lol
  7. umm hi!

    okay guys thanks for the warm welcome
  8. umm hi!

    hey guys i am glad i found this site! well im new ditto but how doy uo choose what class you are so it appears below your uusername like thief or warrior?
  9. Ultros the Ultra Slime

    so what slimes compose the team eh?