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  1. I find DQ8 to be the best RPG of this generation, so , yes, I do consider it a Top 10 RPG of all-time.
  2. I'll definitely play it a few times before actually playing DQ8 itself. I've just been waiting too long for FFXII. By the way, who would pay $50 just to play a demo? That's insanity. I'm going to have to give FF fanbois the benefit of the doubt here.
  3. Ah, thanks, SK, I thought you could. I need to find another Gamestop in my area.
  4. Can you pre-order the slime controller at Gamestop? I would call up the store nearest me, but the employees there are horrible. BTW, I will be getting everything. I'm just so happy that a LE strategy guide AND EPSECIALLY the slime controller are being released in the U.S..