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  1. I'd say 100% chance of dqh2 being released in the west. It is a koei game and they bring over all their warriors-type games.
  2. Well PSO2 has native ps3 controller support, thanks for the answers.
  3. Anyone know if it has native ps3 controller support?
  4. Steam DQH

    I think Koei is the reason why we will be seeing a PC port of DQH, nothing to do with Square. Koei has been releasing PC ports of most of their games lately. Only that Zelda musou game won't get a PC for obvious reasons. I just hope its a port of the ps4 version and not he ps3 one.
  5. Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Lite is out!

    What is this BS that you are required to login with Facebook or a Different service to play this game?
  6. Not sure if it is the quality of the video but are the 3d models used in the 3ds look like the low-poly count quality they used in dq9? I do like the novel feature of choosing to see 2d/3d. I'm glad they decided to go with the PS4, as it has the highest chance of being brought over to the west. I hope they don't make 11 half-online only though (ORPG).
  7. Let's see if they do something crazy like making dq11 ps4/pc onry.
  8. So, region-locked trailers?

    Looks like SE is taking cues from Sega's handling of pso2 western release. Keep hope alive but in reality F* you west.
  9. Thanks for the save files, They will help speed up a project of mine to rip some of the monsters' battle animations.
  10. Thanks for the save for 6, too bad they don't have bosses in its monster book like in 4.
  11. Does anyone have save files for the ds versions of Dragonquest 4,5 and 6 that has the monster books completed?
  12. Dragon Quest Ace

    I have the overworld sprites for the monsters, except Zoma's Devil, of dqm psx but they are not in a rpgmaker alignment. Tell me if you want more like this.
  13. DQ 1 Mobile

    For the people who have played this: Are the characters 16x32 pixels or 24x32 pixels?
  14. Un Named DQ Project

    The overworld monster sprites in dqm1&2 psx are 32x32.
  15. Curse you S-E for giving me too many reasons to purchase a DS.