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  1. NHL Hockey

    Hey this is for all the Hockey fans out there, if you want to join a board and talk to other fans about Hockey, cheer on your favorite team, poke friendly fun at the people who's team didn't win and celebrate when your team wins, this is the place to go. http://com2.runboard.com/bbreakthecycle I am the moderator in that site Under the name DynamiteX2K so if you have any comments questions, segestions or even problems, just ask and i'll help you. Kelly Boudreau The White Samurai
  2. horror movies

    A lot of the Horror movies I've seen and loved were mentioned, Can't wait to the The Excercism of Emily Rose, The Jason Movies were always a classic though Jason X was kind of over the top, Seed Of Chucky was crazy but highly entertaining, But the one movie i can say scared the $#!& out of me when i watched it was the movie "They" I was not wanting to turn off the lights for a few days after that lol I'm not kidding!! White Samurai
  3. Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

    Those are some great games, I've tried a lot of the segestions, I even found another one thats like Tactics. Advanced Wars for the GBA, Japanese Anime and a tactics game, it's a win win situation.
  4. TimeSplitters

    No comments at all from ya's, have any of you played it? I know my opinion can't be shared by everyone and some might agree, or maybe know one even knows what I'm talking about it's younger then The Halo serious. Ah well it's cool
  5. Guy Poll

    I too voted personallity without seeing the results first, it is pretty funny though how we all did that
  6. TimeSplitters

    I don't care what anyone says TimeSplitters: Future Perfect takes halo and gives it a serious run for it's money, with it's Graphics and Riddick Like Character Cortez and the comedy work plus game play that can't be beat, This Game easily puts up a fight against any of the best First person shooters out there, Hell on reviews on the Run it was rated higher then Project Snow Blind. Now on another Note I'm thinking Blackhawk Down is gonna be the game to play, especially with the massive multiplay online capabilities, can't wait to get my mitts on that one.
  7. What are your favorite anime?

    1. Street Fighter II Anime Series 2. Agent Aika (And why not) 3. Ninja Scrolls 4. Tekken Many more but those are some good ones
  8. Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

    yeah thats actually the one I downloaded today, found it at Vimm.net
  9. Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

    Raven of Gaia thanks for sending the Rom, I'll get the Snes emulator thats not a problem. And everyone else had some good segestions, man this is awsome Thanks a lot people.
  10. Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

    I am definitly going to look into the games mentioned above, thank you all for the tips, this is great
  11. Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

    Raven of Gaia ya that sounds good man, Dynamite_x2k@yahoo.com Haven't made a new e-mail yet so thats the one to use for now. If there's anything I can ever help you with man I'll do my best. Thanks
  12. Games Like Final Fantasy Tactics

    Years ago I bought a game called Final Fantasy Tactics which when I first played I hated, but after forcing myself to play it due to not wanting to think i wasted my money it soon after became my favorite game as i'm sure it did for a lot of people. Since then I've beaten it and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance for the GBA, also I am pretty deep into Tactics Ogre: The Knight of Lodis via the GBA Emulater mwhahahaha!! I know there are a lot of people in here who know alot about games, are there any other Tactic games simular to the three I just mentioned for the GBA or Playstation?
  13. G4's Anime Unleashed

    The Anime Unleashed series on the Video Game Channel G4 may not be the best Japanese Anime out there but it is entertaining and seems like it wasn't made for children, though I have yet to see anythng controvercial in it, it's pretty great. Have any of you seen it and whats your thoughts on it?
  14. Favorite/Least favorite food

    I got a strange question. I've never eaten Sushi but I want to, What can you tell me about it. I know it's Raw Fish, but is it slimey? Does it have a strong fishy taste? And yes this is a serious question. I'll thank you ahead of time for anything you can tell me that might help.
  15. Favorite/Least favorite food

    I wanna piece of this hehehe Favorite food I guess I'd have to say Tuna, that's loaded full of protien, keeps ya nice and strong. Grrrrrrrrrrr Least Favorite, Craft Dinner, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww nothing worst then orenge noodle slim, hmmm Orenge slim....... Dragon Warrior never had those? I would have loved to kill one, damn Kraft Dinner bastards. White Samurai