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  1. DQ remix sprite maps

    Actually, the sprites are from Dragon Quest I.II Reprise
  2. Simple lack of fantasy in translator's minds.
  3. A tiny bit of help

    For GBC on Windows I suggest KiGB 2.02.
  4. emulator

    I suggest the NoPrgress 90.2. for the sixth episode, and the Byuu for the fifth episode. I don't like DeJap, too many freedom with script.
  5. I'm playing Dragon Quest 2, I'm in Baron, I'm going in the Inn, and yhe innkeeper tells me that theprince of Cannock is sick (cursed by Hargon),and now he lies in that bed :-( How can I make him back to the party?
  6. The problem is that it killed my game! that guy is too strong!
  7. Yes, in the "!"point, I [roll] lose [roll] 6 [roll] strength point.
  8. I was playing on my GP32 the Pachisi track near Kazave, when I had to battle solo a Magician and two Venomtoad. Probably the amount of EXP, afetr beated them, was 131 points; but the game gave me 13100 (!). So, I bumped form 7th level (976Exp) to 27th level (14076 exp points).
  9. What the hell...

    Thanks for help
  10. I'm playing Dragon Quest 2 for the Supernes. I've obtained the ship, and now I would like to find the sunk treasure. The problem is: -I have to find a brighter tile of water, I've yet seen a lot of maps -but there isn't any brighter tile! What can I do? Do I have to talk with some NPC?
  11. Do you know anything about the italian Translation?