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  1. Favorite hero

    Actually, it is say that Eden's real name is Alus or Arus in the japanese manga made for Dragon Quest VII.
  2. Hmm, I need NES Another Emulator!

    Thanks for the advice! I'll try that one ASAP and let you know if that works.
  3. Enix Forums

    She's the same, trust me.
  4. Enix Forums

    Well lI was and I met some interesting people around there like Prince_Kiefer who's ShdwDrgn here or something like that, MaribelRocks (Lyra), Smoochiebear (who made an interesting forum) Dekarzero, PoW, Shwayne and Levantine.
  5. I just downloaded Dragon Quest IV and Nesticles95 the problem is Nesticles haves some glitch that won't allow me set the game to be played with my gamepad like I usually would. Instead of using the direction buttons, I have to use the "precision analog"... which is pretty lame and it's pretty uncomfortable... I need some advice, what kind of emulator should I download? -Gabo ~AROO! PS : Don't mind the stupid title... I can't edit it!
  6. DQ8 fanart!

    Well done! I wish I could draw like that..
  7. Enix Forums

    Hmm, I know I shouldn't bring up this topic but there are things I can't accept. In fact, QueenVanne was indeed around her 50s on Enix.com but she wasn't some kind of child molester. She banned Schwayne, Dekar and Pissed Off Warrior from her board only for swearing... I thought that was pretty stupid but what could I said back then to change her mind? Vannie's the sweetest person I know on the WWW and the fact is she was living alone back in 2002 and the WWW was the only place where she could have fun.. like many people around here. We all do things others wouldn't think about but that's not the point, QueenVanne wasn't a bad person.. She just took things too seriously and it sometimes caused her grieves. Now, she hasn't Internet anymore and the last news I got from her was last year. Anyway, that's all I had to say. -Chrono, Gabo AKA Danny.
  8. Naruto

    My favorite character would be Tsunade-sama and my second favorite would be Hyuga Hinata.
  9. I always control one character and let the others be controled by the CPU because it's quicker to end a battle.
  10. O...kay... Whatever. :lol:
  11. The first time I played the game, all my characters -except that poor Melvin- had mastered around to 10 or 11 jobs. My strongest character was Hero and my second strongest was Aira. But I remember that Maribel and Gabo had good defenses though. Maribel was my healer while Gabo was the one-of-a-kind warrior of the troop... always goofing around. Lol!
  12. My DW VII Progress

    I'm around Dharma (past), training Hero, Maribel and Gabo. They didn't mastered any jobs yet but learned many techniques by switching classes. My Hero got many spells so I'm training him as a thief right now. Maribel, meanwhile, is mastering both Cleric and Mage while Gabo is mastering Shepherd and Jester.
  13. Whoa... how nice! But how can you play with it? I can't see any buttons...
  14. That would be a great idea! Good luck guys (and gals... if that happens).