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  1. New story Interview

    I'm in just tell me what you want me to do.
  2. War of the Two Kingdoms (comments)

    Thats good I'll post another soon. Doesn't anyone else want to join in?
  3. War of The two Kindoms

    She stared hatefully through ENCHANTED IRON BARS. Had they been regular bars she would have melted them. The wagon was approaching a forest, on the far side was a castle preparing for war. Horses were scarce and the Gypsies that drove the wagons were taking a chance going near the soldiers. Kayton huffed a tendril of smoke in exasperation. The fools had not fed her in 4 days she was tempted to eat one of them. Thoe she had never eaten a human before, she wasn’t afraid to try, meat was meat. Once in the woods they would set up the traveling freak show all the fantastic creatures in cages. She eyed the basilisk in the next cage. Luckily for her she could turn to stone at will and back to flesh again, so the foul thing had no effect on her but she relished the thought of convincing it to kill one of their captors, out of spite. The Carnival would take all day to set up and the criers would go out to advertise. Soon there would be villagers here to stare at her, the rare half-breed. Oh how she wanted out of the cage….
  4. War of the Two Kingdoms (comments)

    sorry i was having trouble using the site but i'm here I'll post something If it is wrong let me know and i can edit it
  5. Avatar Requests

    I want to use this art as my avatar it is already 64 x 63 pxls http://www.deviantart.com/view/16078509/ I have it on DeviantArt under Husky-leader
  6. War of the Two Kindoms (sign-up)

    Name: Kayton Age: 425 years Sex: Mare (female horse) Breed: Shimmerite (hybrid Horse/Dragon) Appearance: The body of a horse shining silver. Wings, horns, spikes, tail, and teeth of a dragon. They can weigh over 2,000 lbs they are the size of Clydesdale horses with a wingspan of 50 ft. The wing membrane color tells their bloodlines. Kayton’s muzzle has a single horn between the nostrils a unicorn horn between the eyes, and spikes protruding from her leg joints, all of these are black. Her mane is black with dragon spikes on her neck, her back is bare so that a human could ride her, and her tail has spikes half way down, at the end of the tail is a heavy poison barb. Personality: She likes to take the form of a human girl. She thinks like a dragon but has a fasination for humans. She hates order, and prefers unpredictable adventure. She doesn’t like to be ridden. Her favorite food is raw Demon meat. She can speak any language but will pretend not to understand you. Attacks: Blue flame from her mouth, Dragon dagger fangs. Poison tipped tail. Sword sharp single horn. Razor sharp hooves. Wind blast from wings. Magic powers- Speaks all languages, Spell caster, shape shifter, Able to change the compisition of her body ex: solid, liquid, gas, portal.....