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  1. Wear-With-All Award and Negative Posts

    What's funny though is that Patty's Drindl or whatever it's called shows way more cleavage than any of the bikinis but it still works with the Wear-With-All award.
  2. Manga online reading links?

    I've never understood the point of online manga readers. It's so much easier to download the manga and read directly off your hard drive. If you don't mind doing that MangaTraders has pretty much everything that's been translated.
  3. Never watched/read the Anime/Manga

    Emblem of Roto is actually probably my least favorite of the DQ manga I've read. Though there's only a few volumes translated so it probably gets better, but what I've read is fairly mediocre. Warriors of Eden was very good but again there's only a couple volumes translated. Definitely worth reading in my opinion though. Dai no Daibouken is the only one that's fully in English. It's pretty good and worth reading for any DQ fan. The anime version is almost exactly the same from the few episodes I've seen, but I still prefer the manga. The only other manga that's been translated is Monsters+ and it's only a couple chapters so I can't really say if it's any good or not, but it's not really worth reading with so little translated. Abel Yuusha is kinda mediocre IMO and only the first 13 episodes are in English. Still it's probably worth watching for any DQ fan. Frenchies Subs is the only group currently translating any DQ related anime or manga (other than the occasional doujin).
  4. I've come very close to taking Baramos out in one turn. On the second turn he was killed before the first character even finished attacking. I think that was around level 20. I've beaten several of the other bosses in 2 turns as well, though none that close to 1 turn.
  5. Secrets of the Shield

    It's an item that gives that ability to anyone who holds it, so yeah, you can change who gets it anytime you want. As for who to give it to, I chose my healer, as she is the only one who could possibly be taken out in one shot by a critical.
  6. Restrictions of martial artist scroll

    It does work in Grottos, it just has a couple limitations. 1. When you start a battle you actually have one stage lower tension than you ended that last battle with. 2. Going through doors/stairs/ect. resets it to zero. Unfortunately that second one makes it pretty much usless for bosses...
  7. Flash Carts and DQ IX

    http://shoptemp.com/ is the best place I've seen. Very cheap, free shipping on nearly everything. Only problem is shipping time can be weeks, but you can always get one of the faster options. DO NOT buy MicroSD cards from there though. You can get them on NewEgg or Amazon for less than half the price.
  8. Flash Carts and DQ IX

    Honestly I don't see why most people have such a problem with it. As far as the piracy concern it's really no different than renting or borrowing a game unless you never buy any of the games you download. There are some people like that, but in my experience it's a small minority. As for the people that complain about cheat codes, save editors or multiple saves, they're just trying to impose their own definition of fun on everyone else and should just be ignored. If any of that makes the game more fun for you there is no reason you shouldn't use it. But then I suppose I'm biased, as I have been using a flash cart myself for years now.
  9. Botsu as your Hero

    Yeah, not only did I make my Hero look like Botsu, my entire team is modeled after other DQ characters. I made Botsu, Deborah, Barbara and Cristo. I even played through the entire storyline with each of them as their appropriate class and weapons. On my next play-through I'm actually planning on making my characters all Celestrians (Aquila, Pavo, Corvus and the default Hero).
  10. A subtle pun? Really?

    Well if you like that one you can check out this album, which is where I keep the original versions of all the signatures I've used.
  11. Talos, Skeledoid and Octurion was my favorite. Pretty much the only way you can possibly lose is if Octurion wastes all of his MP on Multithrust. Though Steropes was very useful for killing Morie's Liquid Metal Slime.
  12. A subtle pun? Really?

    It's fanart I got from Pixiv. If you click it it links to the full version.
  13. Need Help with a quest!

    The skeleton is in a cave on the island north of Swinedimples. It's only accessible after you beat the game and get the Starflight.
  14. For you first time playing I would say anything but the DS version would be best. The DS version is great and all, but it's much better if you've already played the game a few times and can skip anything certain characters with annoying dialects say. Although if you aren't playing the North American version then I would say the DS version is probably the best.
  15. A subtle pun? Really?

    Yeah, I noticed that one too. It's too bad pretty much none of the other puns are as subtle.