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  1. I think i do, but its in an old backup file, i'll see if i can find that stuff
  2. I know, I Iove it! It was a complete suprise that I was getting it. When SK closed down I recieved an email from KS saying that I purchased it and I knew i didnt have enough medals. I believe it is one of 3 that was offered.
  3. I agree about a 3d remake, honestly the game isnt that large, so it wouldnt take more than a small group of people to build the game. I may start looking for people to help in the near future if people would be interested.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm sorry I havent been active recently, but when I came across this I couldnt help but want to enter. I have been a long time Dragon Warrior/Quest fan, whether it be from playing DW1 as a 4 year old on my brothers NES, to now over 17 years later. One thing I pride myself on is my collection, and as you can see many of the games are unopened. You may say, well since they aren't opened how can you enjoy them? My answer is, at one time or another I have played and beaten nearly every one of the games in my possession, and when the time came I wanted someone else to experience the games for themselves. I was a very active member of Slimeknights when it was online and at one point was in the top 3. I loved participating in the quests that it offered. Not only did it inspire creativity, but it also brought a new fanbase to the games. I continue to use my creativity today that was invoked by Slimeknights. I am currently working on a large project in which I am turning the game that started it all DW1 into a 3d game. You can see some of the progress that I have made. I actually started this several years ago, however due to time restricitions I was unable to continue working on it. When I saw this contest it gave me real motivation to work and to show what I could do. Over the years I have also helped with several pages on RPGClassics. I am a co-maintainer of the Dragon Warrior VII Shrine, Creator of the Dragon Quest VIII, and Torneko the Last Hope Shrine. In my free time I still enjoy playing and collecting Dragon Warrior/Quest. I am hoping to make some more progress on the game, and hope to continue to share the joy of the game with others. Here is a list of my collection: Games ------------ Dragon Warrior Monsters GBC NEW Dragon Warrior Monsters II Cobi's Journey GBC NEW Dragon Warrior Monsters II Tara's Journey GBC NEW Dragon Warrior I&II GBC NEW Dragon Warrior III GBC New 2x Dragon Quest IX DS New & Complete 2x Dragon Quest IV DS New & Complete 2x Dragon Quest V DS New & Complete 2x Dragon Quest VI DS New & Complete Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker DS 2x Dragon Warrior VII PSX New 2x Dragon Quest VIII PS2 New & Complete Dragon Quest VIII Demo Disc New 2x Dragon Quest Swords WII New & Complete 2x Dragon Warrior I NES New & Complete Dragon Warrior II NES Complete Dragon Warrior III NES Complete Dragon Warrior IV NES Complete Torneko: The Last Hope PSX Complete Dragon Quest : Young Yangus PS2 New 2x Dragon Quest IV PSX New Complete Dragon Quest V PS2 Complete Taloon's Quest SFC Complete Dragon Quest VI SFC Complete Dragon Quest V SFC Complete Dragon Quest I&II SFC New Dragon Quest III SFC New Torneko 3: Mysterious Dungeon Dragon Quest Swordmaster New Guides all in mint condition --------------------------------------- Rocket Slime DS Dragon Quest Monsters Joker DS Dragon Quest V DS Dragon Warrior VII PSX Dragon Warrior Monsters Cobi & Tara GBA Dragon Warrior Monsters GBA Dragon Quest III SFC Dragon Quest V Pt 1 & 2 SFC Dragon Quest VI Pt 1 & 2 SFC Taloon's Quest SFC Misc --------- Blue Slime Controller PS2 New Metal Slime Controller PS2 New Slimeknights Memorabilia --------------------------------------- Dragon Quest Monsters Promotional Postcards Dragon Quest Trading Cards Sealed Letter from King Slime Button that came with cards? Dragon Quest VIII T-shirt King Slime Cube Monster Slime Plush Keychain Autographed copy of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker by Yuji Horii (Won from slimeknights and my most valued possesion) I figured if i'm going to work on a DW1 remake I figured Brecconary would be a good start, so here are some of my images. Some things weren't cooperating with me such as grass, and I was planning on having a video walkthrough, however if I have time i'll try to get it posted.
  5. Why in the world would anyone do this, They apparently didnt understand what they had before the opened the games... Guy who opened sealed games
  6. DQVr Translation?

    I can't speak for the programmers, but the not too distant future. I'm sure there's still much to go through, but I'm personally into the third act. Blame the party chat. There's more than double party chat than game script. So it's a lot of backtracking, night and day, with all the different characters to make sure everything matches up and the story flows. Thanks Alot! Looking forward to it
  7. DQVr Translation?

    Awesome!! Any idea when it will be available to the public?
  8. Anyone know what happened to this an Kojiro? I just got to thinking of it. Also his website is gone now too
  9. Thanks, I got mine a couple days ago, I almost forgot that you were doing this.
  10. WANTED

    Here is my wanted poster Boss-troll killed 87 slimes 12 of which he made into an omelette
  11. Check out my Jack-o'-slime for Halloween

    I like slime witch, it kinda rolls of the tongue.
  12. Check out my Jack-o'-slime for Halloween

    How about a slime witch?
  13. Step 1: Plant BBQ grill with scrumptious meat Step 2: Plant Sign on Path Step 3: Catch Capsichum Step 4: Eat?
  14. Man where'd my team go? I made it yesterday now its gone!?!?!