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  1. 3rd Trimester

  2. Dunsparce with Serene Grace. 80% flinch rate headbutts. Clearly Dunsparce will prove victor over all.
  3. My Next Xmas Present.. Take a Look

    Correction, the only Christmas present anyone should want this year is Skyward Sword.
  4. 3rd Trimester

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ5LpwO-An4&feature=related MYAAH
  5. Where did your ancestors come from?

    My father's side is all Ukranian and Eastern European farmers that came to Canada before the 2nd World War. Mostly Ukranian, Slovakian, Romanian, and most likely some Ruski. Mother's side is strickly German.
  6. Long time no see.

    Well I hath becometh an accomplished World of Warcraft raider. Killing internet dragons and that such. Been working non-stop and paying the bills. Started playing some Dragon Quest V and thought I'd show my face around here again in curiosity.
  7. 3rd Trimester

    I use to fuel this thread with my own blood and sweat. What has happened?
  8. Just curious...........what do yall look like?

    Can barely believe my profile is still on here. Member of the old posting his face.
  9. Haven't rolled around here for a while. Who's all still kickin' around?
  10. Stadium Events ebay auction

    LOL! Who ever bought that must be desperate or a complete retard. Theres a used game store in Oregon I walked into one day while on holidays to visit a friend there. I spent about $120 on used games. I got all the NES Megaman games for about $40 and noticed this when I was looking for Blades of Steel Hockey. I picked this up for something like $3.99. Blades of Steel was the same price. I can definatly tell you that Stadium Events is only worth about the #3.99. That was also the day I bought a fully boxed with all manuals and maps, Dragon Warrior IV which was the most expensive item at $65. Best $65 dollars I spent in there.
  11. Myspace roleplay?

    I could never get into it. Same with this facebook.
  12. Yeah, I was pretty disappointed when I found that out too. Admittedly, the prospect of them attacking twice in one turn wasn't the only reason I recruited one. In any case, I think you'll find they are still pretty bad-ass. I don't know if it's true but I find they get more criticals than most other characters / monsters. Yeah I noticed my Killing Machine crits frequently. I just really wanted one being a fan of the monster design and all.
  13. Joker 2 screenshots released

    Oh man GoldGolems from DQV are back. Guess what I'm using on my party.
  14. Myspace roleplay?

    I'll just RP as a Bombcraig. I'll start with assessing the situation then explode during turn.... oh lets say 3.