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  1. Slime Arena

    If she's talking about building him up in the Slime Arena to the H Class, then I don't know. But if she means building his levels up, at level 90 he learns Scorching Breath which is a pretty good attack. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> No, I mean at somewhere between Level 30 and 40...you take Rookie back to the Arena and show the old fart who gave Rookie to you....and Rookie "remembers shiny things" and gets a damn good spell out of it, too. I'll hint ya, the spell he gets is one only Metal Babble Class gets! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It's probably Madante like Slime Master said. That is a pretty good spell. Especially when you have your MP maxed out at 999. It's enough to take out D.eathtamoor one hit I believe. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It is enough to take out Deathtamoor in one hit, however, if you're going to take him out in one hit you need to hold mandante back until his final transformation. That will kill both his hands and his head. I liked fighting him the long way though. It was so much funner to me that way. FallingTears
  2. Which one I shoul play...

    I've played both the GBC version and the NES version. I don't think I've ever seen the SNES remixes. Is there available roms for the SNES versions? I could download them and give them a shot. I would like to try the SNES version. I like the NES version the best out of both versions I've played. FallingTears
  3. Questionable Pictures

    I have no idea who they are, but they're cute pictures. Hehe! FallingTears
  4. You and me both... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's why I like savestates, advanced fps, and game genie codes. Lol, I'm just kidding. Usually, there are certain parts I like to speed the fps up to get through quickly and parts where I like the normal speed. I especially like speeding through intro videos, etc. I hate waiting and waiting to start a game ... and none of the "intro" videos, at least to me, were not needed. I suppose each person has their preferences. FallingTears
  5. Good Luck! Rawr! FallingTears
  6. I want a DW challenge

    I'd hate to be the one to break this to you, but the above portion that was bolded and underlined is just an excuse. You can get free webspace, upload pictures, and create links. Or you can put your screen shots on one of the two following sites: http://www.myfilestash.com http://www.photobucket.com The photobucket site, for each of your pictures, puts up three ways to view your picture online including these two a direct link OR the actual BBCode needed to place your pic on a forum that supports BBCode. Sure, it may be extra steps, however, it is worth the shot in sharing your screenshots. I, also, have a question. How do we know for sure that you didn't use game genie patches to beat the Dragonlord with no weapons or armor? That almost seems impossible, I think I might try it out to see how plausible your statement is. FallingTears -------------------------- DW 2 fans eliminate the excuse!
  7. Dragon Warrior 3 Solo Quest

    Someone postyed in another thread of beating Dracolord at Level 28, using just fists. I, personally, have beat Dracolord at Level 20. Someone else whacked Dracoload with the Bamboo Stick only recently, too. Also, I hear it is supposedly possible to beat Dracolord at Level 7, but I don't buy it. Not without SERIOUS CHEATING... Hey, I'm all up for a little cheating here and there, but the amount of cheating required to beat Draco at Level 7.... Anyway, I'd recommend you try getting Dracolord at 17, because the other ideas you post here have already been done, recently, by other folks. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Basically, to beat the Dragonlord on level 7 ... you just use infinite HP, infinite MP, and get the Erdricks Sword, Armor and cheat to get the silver shield. Use save states .... and run away from every single enemy..... Yep, you can beat the Dragonlord on level 7 .... Lol FallingTears
  8. Beat DW1

    DW 1 is classic man! Can't dis the classics. No sir. I love them classics! Classics are awesome, lol. I loved the way it took forever to level up, because, basically when I first began playing DW 1 .... searching for all the items, etc made the process of leveling up take no time at all. FallingTears
  9. You could have saved at Portoga so you could just cast Return as soon as you get the Pepper. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nope. The King of Portoga doesn't allow you to save. He just gives you Norud's Scroll and says, "Now, be off with you." At least, this is the case in the original NES. Maybe GBC or some remake is different, but in the original NES, the King of Portoga does not allow you to save there. In fact, I don't think he allows you to save there AFTER you get him his pepper. I'll find out. But he don't let you save there BEFORE you get his papper. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Talk to his counselor who stands right next to him. He allows you to save. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Really? Hmmm, I'll have to try that. No matter. I am now saved at Aliahan. I am going to roam the south Sea for a while, good EXP and money there, I need to level up and money up a touch to get some better equipment. I'm at levels 16-17. I have the Final Key and the Green Orb now. Best armor and weapons are at Tedanki, the town that is only there at night. Hero currently has a Zombie Slasher. Need one for my Soldier, too. And better Armor. Though they both have the Iron Mask. Been to Soo and got the Staff Of Thunder for my Wizard. I started the New Town, my merchant arrived all the way to the site of the new town without ever having been involved in a single battle (lol)!! Now there is one shop in the New Town. It's still real small. Anyways, I'll be sailing around and building up levels and money for my new equipment over the next day or two, won't be going much of anywhere new now until I get my equipment all the way up to best available for everyone. HINTS: To get to Tedanki ALWAYS at night, sail there direct from Portoga. Night will fall about two steps before your arrive. Also, once you have Final Key...you don't need the Thiefs Key or the Magic Key anymore...final Key opens ALL DOORS, so don't waste inventory space, put them suckers in the vault! Anyways, I'm having a lot of fun with DW3...this game is FAR $#!&IN' BETTER than DW2 could ever even HOPE to be!! I'm loving this game! Anyways, there's my update Status. I think the next new place I'll end up going is Jipang...but not for a while. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I really hate the Phantom Ship ...... FallingTears
  10. Beating Dracolord with Bamboo Stick?

    Personally, I don't think I've had another life. I believe this is my only life, leaving me to believe that I couldn't have been Job in another life, but perhaps I'm a Job of this life. Its not that I'm a very patient person. I'm just highly competitive .... and the whole idea of fighting and beating the dragon lord with clothes, bamboo stick, and the small shield is wild. I may go back and do it again lol ...... just one thing I don't like about it and that's the poison in the dragon lords castle ..... clothes wouldn't protect you from the damage. FallingTears I'm starting Final Fantasy 3 .... in English ...... I haven't beat that game yet .... and I'm going to beat it. RAWR!
  11. Beating Dracolord with Bamboo Stick?

    I don't have a life. FallingTears
  12. Beating Dracolord with Bamboo Stick?

    Okay, I played through DW 1 with a bamboo stick only. The following are my stats at the Dragonlord: (did not save the princess) Proof of victory: FallingTears
  13. For all of you who haven't played DW 1, or aren't too familiar with DW 1, I'm going to share a tip with you that will help you greatly in the beginning of the game for about the first seven levels or so. To replenish your HP and MP for free, after you learn the healing spell you can heal yourself after battle. Then, you enter Tangentel castle. At the first intersection (which is right beside the pool) you take the right "hall" type area down to the old man. The old man will restore all of your magic power. Using this technique will help you build up gold for items, armor, and equipment. FallingTears
  14. Items in DW/DQ

    That's a very interesting combination, I think I may try it out sometime to see how it goes. Can you beat the games with cursed items? FallingTears
  15. Beating Dracolord with Bamboo Stick?

    Lol, DW 1 is rough at the beginning with the bamboo stick. Hehe, I'm telling ya, its crazy. Leveling up takes a bit longer, but, other than that ... I figure buying strong armor and a good shield will make up for the lack of attack. FallingTears