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    I am where ever I want to be (in PA)
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    Anime, manga, music, halo are a few of my favoite things

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    well your already a celebrity here so i guess your starting somewhere, i mean everyone knows the names Slime Master
  2. Ask a question

    A: whenever Woodus decides to do it (wow, i thought that would have happened by now) Q: why do people who do stupid thing get away with them?
  3. .hack//infection-quarantine

    i just got all for games from my brother when he moved away(along with a ton of others. it was his graduation present) I was wondering, are they worth the time to actually play or not? i loved the anime series but never really got into the games.
  4. Avatar Requests

    so are we allowed to have avatars that are not relted to the DW/DQ universe now?
  5. Hey everyone it has been way to long since i've been here. a bunch of you don't know me and i hope some people remember me. I completely forgot about this place and hope to be as active as i used to be. For those of you who were around when i was my names were DragonRider Flar, Dragon Knight, or dragongamerman. Hope to talk to you all sometime. i have more free time since i graduated
  6. Name Changes

    Hey woodus, Can i have my name changed to Gothic Panda?
  7. Not really new

    ^_^ thx
  8. Not really new

    kk, i want to get reaquainted with everyone again first
  9. Not really new

    Actually i was thinking about changing it again i think the name Kurokou is better. And yeah, i was DragonRider
  10. OK, I gave up...

    I loved this game. unfortunely i only got about 30 hrs into it before i let my girlfriend borrowed it (i couldn't say no) and i haven't seen it since. Anyway from what i played i loved the whole new system.
  11. Not really new

    hey, im finally able to get back here. The whole place has changed and i love the new look. Ill be here more often because i fixed my password. Konichiwa to all those who remeber me
  12. Name Changes

    Hey woodus, I was wondering if i may have my name changed to Ichigo Kurosaki? I love Bleach, so if u can thanks
  13. What Pokemon type are you?

    I don't really think the dragon type is rare with that amount of people being that type. The funny thing is that half the type optiond havenn't been used and most poemon are one of those types. I guess if we were all pokemon this would be the rare pokemon boards
  14. Huh.

    thats pretty cool. He's getting famous for his work.
  15. Happy Birthday to...

    Way to go, big o 16. Happy B-day