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  1. <3 Party Chat. Upon returning to Somnia with the mirror, random NPC #27 says he wrote you off for AWOL because you've been gone for so long. Carver remarks in party chat, "If AWOL means 'awesome without limits', then guilty as charged." So much party chat, they got something to say about the majority of npcs. Sure wish they bothered to include it on DQIV...
  2. I got the right answer on #2, but I don't think I have the top half right. There's multiple words that work for some of it, just have to narrow down the right ones so it makes more sense.
  3. Got #4. Was staring at it for a while, trying to figure it out, until all of a sudden I realized what I was staring at. I was thrown off a bit by something else, I think. =p Started working on #2, but time to take a break and resume work on the longer lines later. =p
  4. Ooh, puzzles! So far, two of them don't seem *too* bad, though unless there's an easy way, translating #3 might prove to be a task... Might wait until tomorrow to give it a shot though, else I'll be up all night. =p
  5. Rebattling Final Boss

    Not really a good idea for xp anyway... You have to sit through the ending AND credits after beating him a second time, iirc. Quite time consuming.
  6. Correct, they have to be natural critical hits. Warrior's coup de grace doesn't work either, iirc. Didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would have.
  7. The "rare" drop uses the % one square ahead. Then the game checks for the common drop after, so the one TWO squares ahead. The legacy bosses with their 100% mini medals are a non-issue, it works like any other boss. It works for the maps too. And as for saving time: I've cleared about 50 treasure maps (though not necessarily all DIFFERENT maps, since I was repeating the highest level one I had for a while to get a better one), and ~20 legacy boss kills. I've not gotten a SINGLE rare drop yet from any of those bosses be it orbs or equipment. I may have gotten... 1, maybe 2 of the uncommon drops naturally. I've fought Elusid a LOT by now (seems to show up every damn map), and the only time I've seen his 5% drop, I stole it from him. Which, I'd actually rather have gotten his 'steal' only item, the Star's Suit is rather nice since it sells for 11750g and is usually fairly trivial to steal from him, the boss is no threat at all, while the specs only sell for 1800g. Star's Suits are definitely a nice supplement to gold income. I mean, considering you're already down there to kill the boss, might as well take a couple extra rounds to steal it. =p But yeah, my drop luck is horrible. I'm not even horribly abusing this, I've pretty much done it once or twice for each new grotto boss I get to at least get ONE of their items. All the rest of the kills, I pretty much just kill them normally. I *have* gotten numerous clothing drops from the legacy bosses I've fought, a couple of them even courtesy of Thief's Theory. But, typically, no natural orb drops. I've had far better luck with grotto chests so far, having gotten 3 skull rings, 2 hades helms, a skull helm, 2 slime shields, 2 maid's outfits, and a veteran's boots. *shrug* It is very very much a time saver, even if it is a bit cumbersome to use at times.
  8. Ignore any talk about green links. Do everything else like it says, but forget about green links, you won't have one. Use red links. If you have more than one, you have to go back and input a sixth healing number to narrow it down more. Or a seventh, but I've never seen it go past six. But do NOT just randomly pick one of the links, make sure you narrow it down to one. Just keep in mind, if you had to use a sixth heal to narrow it to a single link, you'll start on square SIX of the table, and not five. I'm not sure if it's because of changes between the US/JP versions of the game or another reason, but we don't seem to get green links.
  9. Level requirements

    I finished the main game with my characters around level... 40-43 I'd say. I did dabble with some other vocations, but I didn't do any serious grinding until post-game. I'd say with the party you have now, the rest of the main game will be a cakewalk, and so will the first few grotto bosses. And it'll take a little while to get to the harder ones, the toughest one I've seen so far is Atlas, with my highest map at 52. Even the first Legacy boss probably won't pose much threat until you level him up, depending on what skill trees you've put points into.
  10. Got my first Co-op De Grace

    IIRC, the attack one was "Quadraslash", and the immunity one is "Soul Asylum" or something similar. Can't remember what the MP one was... All I can remember is the mage-only normal one, which was "0 Zone". I've gotten Co-op De Grace twice so far. Last time I saw it was... the last boss inside Gittingham Palace, I picked Quadraslash that time. Reminded me a bit of an FF summon, did about 1100 damage. I'm curious as to how much it'd do now with my beefy characters. =p
  11. Just a quick mention: the original website went down/shut down. Use this link now: http://www20.atpages.jp/dq9tools/hoimi.cgi
  12. Best way to make gold?

    If you don't have enough gold to do the gold mail, just use the Ear Cozy method. You only need about 1/4 of the gold you do for the gold mail method, and still make about 20,000g per run. It doesn't take *that* much longer, and will get you up to doing gold mail quicker.
  13. Cliffs and stuff.

    Also, she doesn't equip them, you do. You keep your items.
  14. Gah! I hate lockups!

    So far, they're been far and few between. I mean, this was my first lockup like this and that's after over 90 hours of playing. I attribute it more to my old DS, being that I think I had gotten it just a few months after launch. It was just a strange crash, because it had said I picked up an item that doesn't even exist. I didn't lose any levels at least, I had just saved after my LMS grinding session but before my material hunt. Today I'll check around for more materials, maybe they'll show up again now. Then, I think it's time to go delving in some grottoes and maybe get a higher level one finally. Or kill Baramos some more...
  15. Gah! I hate lockups!

    At least it didn't happen after I was grinding but before I saved... But still. Just finished doing some LMS grinding. Used the inn and saved at Batsureg, and proceeded to start from there, with the fisticups to gather all the alchemy items on the map. Had some nice spawns too, had 3 fresh water near Batsureg, 4 mithril ore, 4 magic waters near Swinedimples, quite a few ice crystals and thunderballs, a yggdrasil leaf, all the usual suspects when making a circuit, even the mini medal spawn was up. Collected just about everything, making my last stop at the brighten rocks near Wormwood Creek before I head back and save. I pick up the last one and the game locks up. It said I had picked up a "raloemurald" whatever that may be, and it just froze with that message up. Well, not too bad I guess, only 1 crash for the rather numerous hours of play I've put into it, with my old model ds, but still... And now, after I restart the game and load up my save, most of the alchemy items on the map are gone. =/ A few of the items I don't care about are there, but all the good stuff is gone. No flurry feathers, no mithril ore, no fresh water, no mini medal, even the brighten rocks where I crashed are gone. Bah, gonna have to take a break, lost motivation to play for now. Those grotto bosses lucked out, they get a stay of execution. For now.