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  1. ops sorry didnt saw there was already a post about this ;;;
  2. Any fan made DW games I could play?

    yea he did but now he is gonna release his newest game in a few days i think and he said he might rework on dwo
  3. Any fan made DW games I could play?

    this the most similar to a real nes game you will get the server is always online just use the connect to an online game is old but is fun if you get some friends to play with and silkwizard "Might" work on it again in a future Dragonwarrior online
  4. ISOS <.<

    tell me about how to download by "newsgroups" i tried one and dont know how to get to it just say something about join the group but after that not sure what next :coolslime:
  5. ISOS <.<

    not sure if is illegal to talk about them but does someone has a link to get dq 1 and 2 remix for the psx? or the dq7 iso? =d i already got the dq4remix from a while ago
  6. Itadaki Street Special DQ/FF Gets A Date

    and here some pics of the game i found too http://www.jeux-france.com/images_3353.html
  7. Dw Demo

    thats lame not even a link or images you make people desesperate! tell us more

    i have the iso i would send to anyone but i rather would like to make a ftp server wich i dont know how to make one
  9. Breath Of Fire: Dragon Quarter

    YEAAA BOF3 is the best i have still the original game and also a ISO O.o someone needs it?
  10. Runescape

    o yea who evers in this forum plays runescape well i can make free full set of iron armor for free
  11. Runescape

    yea sure add to my list MasamuneX18 yea yea i know not like a female nick name but i like masamune katana from more than 10 years
  12. Runescape

    at this moment my best weapon is an adamantine battle axe
  13. Runescape

    i do i havent played in a year but my char still there my best skill is fishing level 57 i had all the rune equipment but i got killed in the wildness and lose it right now im saving for a new full set of adamantine