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  1. Dragon Warrior 3 Solo Quest

    Here's the link to the Lv 8 speedrun: http://bisqwit.iki.fi/nesvideos/movies.cgi?id=253 This is really just for entertainment purposes only. It can theoretically be beaten at level 8 in under 20 minutes, but the odds are very much against you to do it playing normally. It is, by definition, possible, even if the possibility is one trillionth of one percent.
  2. Beating Dracolord with Bamboo Stick?

    Most of you guys would have a hard time with World of Warcraft, or any other MMORPG, since they typically use a real-time/ATB hybrid for combat. Yeah, it's stressful sometimes, but all the quick-thinking and instinctive reaction is exhiliarating, IMO. Good for the reflexes and stuff. I've never once had a complaint about FF's ATB. In fact, I thought it was miles better than turn-based the first time I experienced it (FF2 US). I've since learned that each has good and bad aspects and can appreciate them for what they're worth, but I still conclude that ATB typically makes the gameplay slightly more exciting and smooth-flowing.
  3. The town will grow when you defeat Orochi and again when you complete the Samano quest (acquire the Staff of Change). Orochi shouldn't be too hard to beat at your level. Sap his defense, then pound away with your melee characters and ice spells (hopefully you have Snowblast). Make sure you have someone on constant healing duty. His fire breath and double-attacks pack quite a punch.
  4. The Official Dragon's Den Screenshot Game

    So no one knows my game? Oh well, I guess I should've picked an easier one. Lords of Thunder. Awesome game, btw. If you ever see the game cheap on ebay or an ISO online, get it!
  5. The Official Dragon's Den Screenshot Game

    It's a shoot-em-up for the TurboGrafx/PC-Engine CD with a hard rock soundtrack. Close. This game also had a Sega CD version.
  6. You're playing the NES version, right? You're out of luck, the Princess only gets the Revive spell in the remake. If you have the Leaf of the World Tree, you should let her carry it. I always thought the last area of DW2 was very tough, even with maxed-out levels (50, 45, 35). Being a god to normal enemies never guaranteed that I'd survive the boss gauntlet in the castle. Those $#!&@es Hargon and Malroth and their Healall spells. It's so frustrating to have done 200 HP of damage to them, and they completely erase it in a single round.
  7. The Official Dragon's Den Screenshot Game

    Bionic Commando! Next:
  8. I'm gonna do it!

    Yes, Zophar is a good place to get the latest emulators. There are a few other places I visit, but I can't link to them because they have TEH r0mz. Like I said before, try all four of these: FCEUltra VirtuaNES Nestopia NNNesterJ They're all leaps and bounds beyond Nesticle in emulation accuracy, features, and compatibility. Note that Nestopia requires a semi-modern computer to run. My previous computer (500mhz e-machine) was too slow for it. The others shouldn't give you any problems, they all ran great on my old machine. At the very least you should download NNNesterJ so you can dump its color palette (Option, Edit Palette, "SAVE") and load it into Nestopia and VirtuaNES, should you like those the best.
  9. Dragon Warrior on GBC

    Yeah, they used a 32 megabit cart to store all the animation frames. 32 megs is unheard of for GBC games. I think it's the largest one in the library.
  10. I'm gonna do it!

    I'm surprised how several people here still use Nesticle. Unless you're running a Pentium 90 or something, there's really no reason to bother with it these days. The colors are wrong, the sounds are wrong, and it doesn't play certain games properly (no spell flashes in DW1 or 2!). FCEUltra - The best NES emu out there. Has the best sound, color pallete, and best of all, it has the least input lag for those of us who use USB controllers/adapters (I have a PC MagicBox). However, I just can't get it to run smoothly on my PC because all of its Vsync modes are buggy. Nestopia - I use this instead. The input lag sucks, and the default palette is garbage, but it's smooth as silk, and I hear it has really good netplay features. VirtuaNES NNNesterJ - both good. I dump NNNesterJ's color palette to use in Nestopa and VirtuaNES. Again, both have input lag that can completely throw off certain games for me (Battletoads). I haven't used any others. Between those four, you should be able to find one you like.
  11. Kalisiin, I highly reccomend you play the DQ3 remake when you finish DW2. DW3 original is a much better game than the first two, but the remake blows all the NES games away by a long shot. I don't know if the SFC version has been playably translated yet, but the GBC has a US version and is almost as good. I also second the suggestion to watch the video here that shows how it's possible to beat DW1 at level 8. Heavy, heavy luck manipulation is involved. 7 is the absolute lowest level you can damage the Dragonlord at 1 HP per attack, providing you get Erdrick's Sword. A previous version of the movie was done at level 7, but he re-did it when he found out you can damage the Dragonlord with Hurt. In fact, spend some time browsing that site and the forums and watch all the movies you can. Some of them are really incredible, especially if you know the games well. The one-item Metroid run is a personal fav. Anyway, keep us updated on your marathon DQ run. I've been thinking of doing that myself.