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  1. Some of your favorite video game intros.

    Bad Dudes for NES has the best game intro ever, hands down. FF8's intro I like a lot, too
  2. Another Double Birthday

    Aww thanks :hug:
  3. Best Story

    I think DQ4 had the best story for the reasons already mentioned.
  4. Happy Brithday!

    Happy 20th
  5. Demon Lord Election

    Demon my a**! .He's ma sexy beast
  6. Demon Lord Election

  7. Demon Lord Election

    Necrosaro had the best story, but I'm voting for Deathamoor. He's a dragon on steroids!! How awesome is that
  8. Happy Birthday Leon

    Happy birthday! Hug and bithday slime for you :hug: :smhbday:
  9. Happy Birthday

    :smhbday: Happy birthday! :hug:
  10. Double Birthday!

    Happy birthday :hug:
  11. more slimes

    We need a hugging slime
  12. DQ4 working rom, anyone

  13. DQ4 working rom, anyone

    Mail it to splushie@gmail.com I use FCE Ultra
  14. DQ4 working rom, anyone

    I've been downloading tons of DWIV (nes) ROMs, but they're all "bad dumps", soooo I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find a a working one?
  15. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday :):) too bad he's inactive