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    I'm trying to find Volume 2, which I believe is the second part of the DQ anime. I don't recall which name it is, but it's the one with Able and Mokomoko and such (The one that came out in the US). If anyone has an extra copy or can make a copy, please let me know. I have only found one on eBay and it was gone before I got the chance to get it. It's also good to hear that the comics are getting translated. I have a few, but it's basically like looking at a picture book for now.
  2. It's kinda hard to really pick one's favorite Dragon Warrior game. it all depends on what you look for i suppose. as far as story lines, i think that the combined story line of Dragon Warrior 1-3 is overall the best and i would really like to see it expanded more, well besides the Dragon Quest Sword Master game which i have. however, i will not discredit the story line of Dragon Warrior 4 or 7. both of them were great as well. as for 5 and 6, i have yet to play an english version and therefore i cant really pick them, but im sure they too have a classic story line. graphics clearly has to be handed to Dragon Warrior 7 for the playstation, simply because of the fact that it is for playstation. Dragon Warrior 4 can also fall into this. but then again, Dragon Quest 8 and 5 will surpass them when they are released for PS2. but as Dragon Warrior proved, graphics dont necessarily count to make it a true classic. also, the awesome soundtracks that Koichi Sugiyama provided for each of them helps to determine this factor. in a state of opinion, Dragon Warrior 3 and 4 have the best with 7 coming in a very close second. once again i cant discredit the others, especially 1 because some of 1 is in 3 and if it wasnt for that catchy fanfare in the opening of 1, who knows what the soundtracks would sound like. having the slime in every Dragon Warrior game, to me, truly makes it a complete series despite the seperation of story lines. as far as having the best enemies, Dragon Warrior 7 is the best. i believe this to be the choice for this category because it has 6 predecessors to take monsters from plus a selection of its own. as far as best ending boss, i think the Dragon Lord may be the best. i say this because he is the classic boss and unless there is one in either 5 or 6, he is the only dragon for a main enemy in a series of games called Dragon Warrior. i liked that 3 had so many types of dragons as well. and on the flip side of monsters is characters. this is a toss up between 4 and 7. giving the fact that the characters in 7 seem to have more personality. so which Dragon Warrior game do i choose as being the best? Dragon Warrior 3. it is a game of many firsts. first to have night time. first to have character classes. first to have the ability to choose where you want to return. first to have a flying character or item. and not to forget, its the first in the roto story line. although each Dragon Warrior game truly holds its place in the seemingly timeless series, including the Torneko and Monsters series, i just feel that Dragon Warrior 3 is a step, no matter how small a step, above the rest.