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  1. DW7 shards

    Ok, I've got it all figured out: I saved the game, got the shard in the basement of Dharma Temple in the past, went and fought the bandits in Dharma present, died, then reset the game so I wouldn't loose half my gold, and then forgot that I had to go get that shard again. Big time bad on my part. Thanks for the help guys. -Dane
  2. DW7 shards

    ... Yeah, your right. My bad. Doesn't really matter I suppose, but thanks for pointing it out. It must be one of the other Land Pedestal. This really sucks. After all the time I spent mastering class levels and stuff.....This would be something really dumb to have to start over. -Dane
  3. DW7 shards

    "Screwed" if DEFINITELY NOT the word I wanted to see.... I'm working on the bottom left or SW corner of the yellow pedestal room, and I believe I need the top left shard. I don't have access to my game right now - I'm at work - but I'm 99% sure that's the one I'm missing. Thanks for the help. -Dane p.s. I'm also just a few shards away from finishing the middle pedestal in the yellow room, but all the walkthru's say to go for the SW one first. I have no idea which ones I'm missing there. Thanks again.
  4. Okay, I just recently got DW7 - yeah, I'm a little late, but whatever - and I haven't had any serious problems 'till now. I just got done with the Dune Region, and I'm short a Land Shard. Before you say it - I did check the walkthru and the Shard Location List....to no avail(sp?) The only Shard I think I might have missed is the one in Deja? I believe. The island where you dry up the lake. Is the Land Shard in the cave after you dry up the lake possible to miss? It's the only one I can't 100% account for. Also, if I did miss it, is it possible to go back and get it? I can' t seem to find a way. I really hate to ask for help, but I spent 3 hours last night visiting every freaking region, past and present looking for the damn thing. Frustrated but Thankful, Dane
  5. Online Journals

    Just wanted to see if anyone used any online journals, like Xanga, Diar-X, etc. I personally, have a Xanga site, Waffle101. -Dane
  6. Dragon Warrior ABC's

    Garinham And yes, I'm looking up town names at Dragon's Den
  7. Favorite Monster

    Uh, slimes. Sorry to be cliche, but it's the honest truth. They rock!
  8. Dragon Warrior ABC's

    Brecconary Been a while, huh?
  9. Favorite Type Of Music

    A school teacher that plays RPG's and listens to the local Christian radio station.... Awesome
  10. Yeah, technically AC/DC is considered Hard Rock, not Heavy Metal. Although, heavily guitar driven (like Metal), it doesn't have the thrash/speed that Heavy Metal does (not to mention they don't have quite the lead solos like most metal). But.. You'll catch me calling AC/DC Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, haha. Do it all the time. Thunder Struck, good song. That and Hells Bells, Shook me all night long, oh hell, pretty much every one of their songs, are pretty damn good. I'll agree here, though. Metal has definitely changed over the course of it's incarnation in the late 60's. I still prefer the old metal over the newer stuff, but atleast it's still going, hehe. Couldn't say it better than Wikipedia Encylopedia: "Heavy metal is a form of music characterised by aggressive, driving rhythms and highly amplified distorted guitars, generally with grandiose lyrics and virtuosic instrumentation." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Agree..... My favorite band on the list is Ac/Dc, but they seemed out of place, so I voted for System of the Down. They're just sooo... original. At least, I think so. Go ahead and disagree.
  11. Bush or Kerry

    LOL!!!! ----Although I wouldn't have went for Rodimus Prime of the the New Autobot Party (NAP). p.s. I voted for Bush
  12. Favorite Type Of Music

    Rock 'n Roll......'nuff said.
  13. Dragon Warrior ABC's

    Moon Herb
  14. The Heal And Hurt Game

    Heal: Ortega Hurt: Baramos Erdrick: 14 HP Dragonlord: 11 HP Slime: 15 HP Baramos: 5 HP Zoma: 9 HP Keifer: 10 HP Maribel: 11 HP Master Dragon: 10 Hp Ortega: 10 HP Taloon: 12 HP Ragnar: 12 HP Pannon: 10 HP Gabo: 12 HP Princess Gwaelin: 11 HP Necrosaro: 11 HP Bianca:10 HP Defeated: King Lorick
  15. What are you currently playing?

    Currently Playing: Jet Force Gemini (class of '64 baby!) I'm about 10 hours in and just beat Mizar for the first time....this games controls/interface kinda sucks, but it is extremely fun so far, although easy. After I'm done I'm probably going to take a break from the games....one more month left in my senior year...can't afford to screw up now.