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  1. Final Fantasy 3 DS

    Well i bought the game a few weeks back and i must say it's pretty interesting, two interesting secrets are available only through interaction of others using Wi-Fi one being the hidden onion kid secret and the other the secret boss. A few months back i tried seeing how the DS emulators ran with commercial games and the gameplay went super slow i couldn't get it to run the game at full speed even at its lowest settings. If anything i suggest the getting the M3 so you get all those games for the price of one.
  2. 25+ items going on Ebay Sunday

    I might be interested in buying your FF III for the DS although i don't have the funds for it at the moment. Perhaps maybe by next week? Although i can't confirm anything for sure right now i'll definetly check back with you.
  3. Why doesnt Hero speak?

    Call me old fashioned but hah i like it when the hero doesn't speak much. - Kreplyn
  4. DQ1+2 Snes emulation problems

    I think i can help you out on this one, i don't know anything about ZNSNES but if what i think you're referring to is actually ZSNES than that i can help you with, if you patched it with rpg0ne's patch he states that it randomly crashes because the patch has some known bugs. The best way, to cope with this is to do three things: first off, avoid using any save states if you can as they have a tendency to freeze the game and second if you ever do find yourself freezing try using the rewind button on the ZSNES option (it should be in the misc section or if you have the new ZSNES should be in the speed section) that should "fix" the frozen screen. Third try not to use the speed button often its a nice option to have and if somehow you can't live without it just use it sparingly. I hope that helps and maybe someone else can help you out with your SNES9X problem. - Kreplyn
  5. Two New Charasets for RM2k

    Wow they look pretty good especially the first set, was this actually ripped off the DQVII game or was it just taken and remodeled for rm2k purposes?
  6. What are you currently playing?

    Well, as a bit of nostalgia for myself this week i recently booted up my SNES after having it locked away in my closet for 3 or 4 years and began questing my way through the Lufia series. It's pretty cool to find out how much i remember about the game and it brings back some memories. Hah, i might start Dragon Quest (the first one again) again and see how much i remember from that game as well (which shouldn't be too hard)
  7. Happy Bday

    hey hows it hanging guys i havent been here in soo long... gosh it seems like forever sooo wow 4 years on this forum ive been here a while now phew..
  8. A good hero name

    Hahaha i like the list of irish names keeps me interested, the list of names from moons is also pretty cool, Ariel is a nice name for a girl. Any other names people?
  9. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance

    Actually, hmm i remember there being a member here who was obsessed with playing Fire Emblem games and ive played them with their partially translated patches and they looked pretty good and i would have liked them i just didnt understand what the hell was going on but it looked pretty good. I also have played the 2 Fire Emblem games that came out on the gba and they were actually really good! I really like the second one and im in the middle of beating it although the 2nd one doesnt have a good a story as the first one but maybe its just because im in the middle of playing it so i dunno... i dont have Fire emblem for the gamecube but i saw the commercial for it, it looked pretty good in terms of graphics [the other games came out on the snes] but i cant really say if it lives up to the FE name seeing as how ive never played it but if you play the gba games youll really enjoy them if you like tactics games... Phew thats my 2 cents for the day and WB chaos...
  10. 9 year old argues over chocolate milk

    Heh Holy crap, looking at that video and seeing that little 9 year old kid talk back to his mother like that is a big shocker but not surprising... If i ever talked back to my mom or dad when they were telling me to do something back when i was 9 or even now (im 15) my mom would slap my mouth until it bleeds and she'd probably use her hand with the wedding ring to make it hurt more haha, kids these days have no manners their parents dont teach them respect when i was 4 i learned everything i needed for having proper manners please, thank you, always complimenting people, treat others the way you would like to be treated etcetra etcetra, if i ever forgot to say that when my parents were around or when i was doing something that i wasnt supposed to they would just look at me with their "stare" that they have and i knew what that meant. These days if you give a parent gives a kid a "stare" they'lll just say "what are you looking at?" In my neighboorhood of Manhasset the kids have absolutlety no manners... when i was 13 i remember i had to do a project over at a friends house and another friend was picking me up to take me there and all through the car ride it was back and forth arguing with that kid and his mom just badmouthing his mom right in front of me in my mind i was like "wtf!! omg what would happen if i said that to my mom" Im at that age where right now im really getting angry all the time and my parents come down on me pretty hard and its annoying and i really hate it when they try and correct me [my parents dont hit me like they used to they just tell me not to do it again if i did something wrong and i wont sometimes ill get some privlages taken away though like going out with friends and that kinda stuff] but my older sister keeps telling me (whos 26 now) dont worry you hate it now but you will learn to appreciate it when you grow up a little more she might even try and correct me if she comes by for a visit and my dad isnt at my house... If i have a kid when im older i wouldnt be afriad to give hima good spanking when he does something wrong or if he does something thats really bad ill lash him a couple of times so he'll know not to do it again. Ill make an effort to make sure that wont happen like my parents did but that video goes to show you the consequences of someone not disciplining their own kid and the result of it.
  11. A good hero name

    Nice set of names gabo, atticus i like your name too maybe its because i just recently read to kill a mockingbird and i liked the book i dunno, and slime i think i might actually have to resort to naming my hero bum bum bum Conker!!! lol i got a few of my own Drift and Serick are many i use often for RO.
  12. That does sound like a good idea actually i also am replaying DQ1-6 also but im playing them on the snes so its a lot easier then on the nes i already played through all of those anyway i like to overachieve at things and be 2 steps ahead of the game i beat the DL in DW1 at lvl 32 for the nes and the such but since im playing them on the snes now its a lot easier for me and you gotta LOVE the turbo button for ZSNES omg where would i be without it!!! Thats a big time saver for me considering i have school then wrestling practice then homework then food yeaup time is limited for all of us my friend... im at DQ5 now i like the story line lots so its always good to replay it over again to refrseh your memory of how the game went... So what are you up to at this point? Did you finish DW1 or are you battling the last couple of bosses?
  13. OMG camacazio!!!!!!!!!! wowwowowowoowwow i havent seen you on the boards in eons! Then again i've also been away so i havent seen much of anyone these days except maybe leon(chris)... Ahh the good ol days when you and rpgking quarreled all the time about stuff and the infamous topic which you started talking to yourself for about 14 posts until woodus had that topic locked and thrown into the DD's recycle bin... Well enough reminicing, yea ive looked at that and i did find it quite strange... maybe since the company is called squareenix the games should go in there respectivly as well Sq/En - FF/DQ?
  14. a hero arrives

    Hmm yea i think we did scare her off even though i didnt say anything at all to her hmm these new people on the Den are quite *eerie* though... hehehe
  15. A good hero name

    I'm sure many of you have played the Dragon Warrior/Quest Games correct? If you havent then you should be shot because why else would you be here and not have played a DW/DQ game... lol jk enough of that, well if you have played games like DW, The Mana Series, Bahamut Lagoon and all those types of games then you know that in the beginning of the game or close to the beginning you have the option of naming your character correct? Well im sure all of you have give it a thought or 2 everyonce in a while and sometimes you just might draw a blank because your not in your creative mood that day or your just really bad at giving names to heros/heroines like me. Ok so this topic was made because im looking for a good hero name to give to my heros and the like simply because i dont like the names i give my characters so far i have one good name that i do like and i used in a mmorpg once and who knows maybe i might slap on that cool hero name unto my game if i ever get around to making it.