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  1. today'S purchase.... had to go to about 12 different stores to get my copy.. sheesh. finally
  2. An interesting topic I found while reading my morning news on TG&M .... gives me extra reasons to stop by this morning during work hours to buy my DQ9 copy Teh Article
  3. I be back.

    Then this means welcome back to you as well!
  4. What beer do you drink?

    Ahhh, another scotch drinker! Good on ya! Watch that spelling though, as a true Scotch drinker will pop you square in the haggis hole for adding that 'e' in Whisky. You see, with an 'e' you get Irish Whiskey. I just picked up a bottle of 15 year old Bruichladdich. Gotta love that single malt. But I digress... Aye, good choice of bottle indeed! And FYI, Whisky or whiskey are both accepted.. just depends where you're at on this globe
  5. What beer do you drink?

    Is thaT only in Canada? Even though PBR is mainstay, I like heavy brews too. Sam Adams, Bass Ale- good stuff.The words "honey" and "brown" sound like magic. Trust me.. it's not only magic... it's real
  6. What beer do you drink?

    Uusally Whiskey (Glenfiddish 12yrs) and stout beers... Guinness... and I do have a weakness for Canadian beers: Keith's Amber Red, Dark; Rickard's Red, Dark.
  7. (Sorry about reviving older topics... catching up) Well, they are. in Loblaws-stype stores... under the PC brand.. at least here in Montreal, and my bother gets 'em in Halifax, too Welcome aboard, Nashidaran
  8. What old NES Game Would you remake?

    if there would be one, it definitely would be Ice Hockey but then again, with today'S 3d gaming and all, it wouldn't be the same anymore :| Otherwise, Faxanadu would be a good choice, too.
  9. I be back.

    Hey guys! After some time (a year or so), I finally managed to sort things out in my life with work, wife and all. So, I am finally left with some spare time. Which means I'll come and spend that time here (and less on FB, too)
  10. Terms That Drive You Nuts

    Ditto. With the multiplication of FAIL-sites. Fun to look at, but sometimes, too much's like not enough.
  11. Portable Hard Drive

    So does SD card.. read something yesterday about some 250GB SD cards as for USB HD, I purchased on my part a regular HDD, with a SB adaptor... currently have a "backup" external HDD of 1TB, and costed me about half of what I would've paid had I purchased a regular 1TB USB drive
  12. nice s:wd_coolslime: also looked at the recent scans, can't wait to play it out
  13. Luida's Bar in Japan

    That's definately a place I'll be "touring" when I'll visit Japan... wonder if I can get a photo with a slime heh
  14. Dragon Quest VI DS Screens!

    lookin good hopefully it will be more enjoyable to play than DQ5 was...
  15. DQ VI DS

    i won't start flaming at them, I'm just hoping that they release the game in NA,... THEN I will start complaining about the game XD