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  1. i have necropolis, belive im in post game as the mole arena seems to have stoped and the lava pit one is still being made(but fully available to walk around capt mayday says to head to moles den and check it out my party is: tyrantosaurus(miracle mallet) lv 33 +2 HP:366 MP:67 atk:461, def:299, agl:206, wis:110 thunderwind slash:38 guerrilla:39 attack3:48 magic slime(minus scepter) lv 28 +4 HP:239 MP:300 atk:198, def:249, agl:238, wis:414, aquapothecary:45 cleanser:80 wisdom3:27 metabble(partisan) lv 28 +6 HP:32 MP:426 atk:285, def:610, agl:536, wis:364 bang+zap3:15 sizz+zam3:90 wisdom3:75 back up is: swarmtroop(headsman axe) lv45 +3 HP:306 MP:190 atk:353, def:166, agl:310, wis:171 anti-metal:100 agilty3:8 attack3:100 any help is appreated
  2. saint seiya:lost canvas issue

    as of now lost canvas is around half complete anime wise, the manga is completed, im just waiting to see some of the later fights animated
  3. saint seiya:lost canvas issue

    so omega isnt done yet, ok thanks
  4. Don't Delete Me Topic

    am I safe?
  5. saint seiya:lost canvas issue

    ill try to avoid spoilers, but the 26 esp anime of ss: lost canvas ends on a incomplete note if you know the out come from saint seiya, is there a lost canvas part 2 or something? and I know its been afew years but hi all to new and old faces
  6. skill set question

    my hero switches between minstral or Armamentalist maxxed on whips and bows: 13 on swords, along with some points spread out for bounis stats my paladin/ maxxed swords and shields, and is working on thievery with some points for small HP or attack boosts by thief is maxxed in knifes and boomerangs(im thinking shields) my mage maxxed magic skills and wands and working on thievery with 13 in swords(I plan 100 points for wisdom)
  7. Things The Internet Has Forever Ruined For You

    LOLCATS for me too its too well known now and it spead to dogs, celebrities and news while still funny they triedctoo hard sometimes
  8. College

    the comments say I should not try the link, im just ending my 2nd semister, I go to norwalk community college in connecticut. raps history is honstly like rock, at first every parent hated it but as new artest come out the influnce is too strong anyways back to the point, with exception of the anime club members its mostly mainstream stuff one thing to comment, many songs in the 80's had hidden sexual induendos, but quite well hidden the newer rap songs hide the sexual induedos worse thats my .02
  9. Arena Revival?

    ill defenly come bak ^_^ worth it
  10. Question about Dragon Quest 3

    before i lost my copy i had no clue on the personalitys too
  11. Uhm..So are we going to start this again?

    I do rember the arena too, was pretty blanced class wise, I for it comming back if done good again
  12. any good

    after buying dq4 for the DS I want to emulate dw1+2 and 3
  13. its been awhile

    hows it going?!!!!
  14. Well, I found an original Copy of Dragon Warrior

    dragon quest 3 gbc, and dwm2 gbc... good times