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  1. Islamic Terrorist Attacks In Paris France

    In any case, I think we can all agree that cats freaking out about cucumbers is hilarious... https://www.facebook.com/HuffPostGoodNews/videos/927078930711625/
  2. Islamic Terrorist Attacks In Paris France

    "However, the US should close off all immigration from ISIS countries..." If we're going to do that, it should go both ways. No more American money and weapons entering the region either. I'm sick of people in the West acting like ISIS's power and influence came out of nowhere when they're armed with US-made weaponry. And I think there's still a case to be made for refugees being allowed to enter Western countries, at least in some circumstances.
  3. Islamic Terrorist Attacks In Paris France

    The problem with saying that Europe et al should just close their borders to immigrants is that it stems from a Western mentality that says "Hey, this is YOUR problem." But is it? The West and the US government in particular have been screwing around over there for a long long time. It's not like we were hermetically sealed off from the Middle East before 9/11. And in many ways our actions have indirectly lead to the creation of ISIS. That does not excuse acts of terrorism on their part, but saying that we now don't owe immigrants anything doesn't sit right with me. Also, you know, the whole thing about the US, a country founded and built by immigrants, suddenly being fiercely against immigration when it's inconvenient... I honestly don't know what the answer is. I'm perplexed by religious fanaticism on all sides and I'm intolerant of violence committed in the name of religion, regardless of which religion it is. But at the same time, I don't think we can just look the other way and tell these families to turn around and go back home when their home is now literally rubble and the people fighting over it have a very long and complicated history with the US and European governments themselves.
  4. I was playing a solo quest on DQ8 years ago, but I think the furthest I got was the Dark World. I stopped playing due to a big move and never got back into it again. I'll definitely try it again though (on the 3DS of course!!) Lately, I've been playing through each of the games that came out for either the NES or SNES/SUPER FAMICOM (DW I, II, III, IV, DQ V, VI) on the original respective console using a flashcart. I'm currently on DQIII (I decided to play the Super Famicom version because I hadn't played through that one yet) and it's as fun and addictive as ever. I was going to do a solo quest, but I'd already done a couple on this game so I decided to do something a little different. Instead, I'm playing with a female hero, a male cleric (->warrior) and a female mage (->thief). So only a total of three characters, but the group is insanely powerful. About to take on Zoma, and then it's on to the bonus content. I'm not sure if it's feasible, but I want to replay this game with a similar party but ONLY use cursed equipment and bad personalities. Basically, play through the game with the initial equipment, and only equip whatever cursed gear I get throughout the game. I think it'll make for an interesting playthrough...
  5. Golden age?

    -Did you speak the exact words? -Look, maybe I didn't say every single little tiny syllable, no. But basically I said them, yeah.
  6. Golden age?

    Crap, how could I forget my new love.... Ash vs. Evil Dead!! Nerdgasm indeed!
  7. Just thinking how crazy it is that DQ7 and 8 are both coming to the West, Star Wars, MST3K, and X-Files are returning soon, With Bob and David HAS returned... It's a glorious time to be me right now.
  8. I hadn't seen a video preview of these but they look insanely good! I expected a graphical improvement for DQ7, but DQ8 looks beautiful as well. Can't really see any kind of drop in quality compared to the PS2 version. (I'm in my 30s so to me, the PS2 was cutting-edge, like, just yesterday.)
  9. Sweet! Look forward to playing these. But what I REALLY can't wait for is to complain about the next DQ game we're "never" going to get.
  10. Dragon Quest Heroes reactions

    Hey I'll chime in on this one. I finally took the plunge for a next-gen system back in August, and I haven't regretted it at all. I decided on PS4 over XBone for several reasons. A) PS4 is a gaming rig first; XB1 is a multi-media server first B) A TON more exclusives that I loved last generation - Uncharted, Ratchet, anything Tales of... XB1 has Halo, Gears, and Forza coming, but I've played each of those out on X360 C) On that last note, a *lot* more JRPG support. The genre isn't what it used to be, but there's still some gems to be had there D) All the best WRPGs, too (with those rare PC exceptions like Divinity, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, Shadowrun, etc, and I have an old PC that's good enough to run those well since they're not an intensive genre to run) Not to say XB1 is shabby - I loved Crackdown back in the day, and the new Crackdown reboot looks sick - but I decided PS4 was the way to go for my forseeable future. As for software, yes, it has some killer stuff. Depending on your preferences, of course. When I picked up the PS4 back in August, I got Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition, both of which are quite fun. Later, I got Arkham Knight - and having played the other three Arkham games, it is easily one of the best, if not THE best, in the series. I also think The Last of Us was one of the best games last gen, so I picked it up on PS4 in remastered form with better graphics and complete DLC. I recently got Dragon Quest Heroes and Transformers Devastation for my birthday - two awesome action 'sit back and unwind' games from two of my all-time favorite franchises. Yeah, I'm an old guy at 38. So yes, I think PS4 is a very solid investment, to say nothing of upcoming and later 2016 releases - Just Cause 3, Fallout 4, Tales of Zestiria, Star Wars Battlefront... just this year. You've got Tomb Raider 2, Dishonored 2, Last Guardian, Ratchet & Clank Reboot, Star Ocean 5, Uncharted 4... awesome stuff coming up. Get one! I got one! I ordered the bundle that comes with The Last of Us. It was either that or the Battlefront bundle, and I didn't feel like waiting that long. I just had to decide between getting a US console or a European one. I live in Germany, but I'm from the US (along with my DVDs) so I figure a US console would be more useful, even if it's just when it comes to watching DVDs. It was pricey, but the consoles are so expensive here anyway that a bundle from the US (including shipping and import fees) ended up costing almost the same as a console by itself here. All I need is a European power adapter. Everything else is compatible - and thankfully PS4 games aren't region-locked. Anyway, I ordered Heroes too so I'll finally be able to post my reaction to the game on here rather than my PS4 questions.
  11. Dragon Quest Heroes reactions

    Cool, maybe I'll pick one up this weekend. Yeah, No Man's Sky is one of the other games that really caught my attention.
  12. Dragon Quest Heroes reactions

    Sooo... I've been thinking about getting a PS4 (already thinking ahead to DQXI) and this game really sweetens the deal. But I've been hesitant because apart from an old PS2 I owned (solely for the purpose of playing DQ8), I've never really been too attracted to Playstation. The console is pricey too and that's a factor, but mainly I'm just wondering about how much use I'll get out of it. I admit some games for the PS4 look amazing, but nothing has really motivated me to get the system like Heroes. What do you guys think? Is the PS4 worth it? Any buyer's remorse?
  13. Review Thread

    To be fair, 9 is a dick. It's all about 9.I mean 9 x any number = 9 when you add up the digits. Pretentious much? 9 x 87 = 783 = 7+8+3 = 18 = 1+8 = 9 Jackassary My mind just exploded... Into 9 pieces which are now scattered around the globe. Collect them all to unlock a cool playable character!!
  14. Let's share your Super Mario Maker levels!

    Nice job on Lost Slime Temple! At first I was wondering which enemies you'd used to represent the slimes.... I'm slow. Castlerole is insanely tough! I'll get back to you when I actually beat it. I uploaded a couple of get-through-this-as-fast-as-you-can type obstacle course levels over the weekend... these might be tougher than I think they are: The Executioner is Running Late 1668-0000-008C-BEA0 American Ninja Wario 3AA2-0000-008C-D85D And I know you hate automatic levels, Dwaine, but you should really check out my Very Intricate Automatic Level. I think you'll be amazed by the sheer level of complexity and thought that went into it. 8E40-0000-008B-C434
  15. Let's share your Super Mario Maker levels!

    Haha, yeah, no worries. It's the first level I've uploaded so I appreciate all the feedback! I might make some tweaks based on your playthrough and upload an improved version eventually. You pointed out some glaring problems I never noticed (like the lack of respawning power-ups for example). EDIT: Revised version: 5B1D-0000-0084-54D4