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  1. Heck, by that point in the game I didn't even care about either of the kids being the Hero, I was disappointed that it wasn't just the same guy you've been trucking with the whole game.
  2. DQ5 - Fan Translation vs Official

    My experience is that Enix gets good people on their translation teams. Actually, for all I know, they just get really good dialogue from the start. I rarely roll my eyes at corny dialogue in enix games, so I trust them. HOWEVER I didn't like the new spell names in DQ8. I don't like change.
  3. Dragon Quest Swords

    Whoops! Didn't see that there's a whole section for DQ Swords! Quick, topic change! I like the class system in DQ6 more than DQ7. In DQ6, you can learn all the spells by mastering all the classes they give you. In DQ7, you can learn all the skills and spells but you have to go through some funky monster classes, and I'll admit it, I had to use a game shark to get some of the basic monster hearts to get anywhere in monster classes.
  4. So does this game have a reasonable plot? I mean, you slice stuff. You don't need plot. I wouldn't hold it against anybody if they skipped putting effort into a decent plot.
  5. DQ6 Thief's Key

    See, that's what I thought, so I was all like "well hey look at that! Free money if I sell this thing! I thought it was the thief's key but it must be some random trinket!" Boy was I wrong. Yo rpgking: Yeah, it's been awhile! I'm glad to see a lot of you guys still around! I come back whenever I'm working through a dragon quest game, so I guess last time was when DQ8 came out. I'm probably going to be around more, checkin out how things update with the DS remakes. I'm going to have to buy a DS for that stuff.
  6. So I'm playing through a cartridge of DQ6, following a guide to get past linguistic hurdles. I accidently sold my thief's key, thinking it was something else. So now I'm at Mudo's castle and can't get any of the treasure (it wasn't until now, of course, when I realized my stupid mistake). Is there another way to get a thief's key? Why would they screw with me by making this the one DQ game where I can sell the thief's key accidently?!
  7. DQ8 challenges

    When summer break hits I planned on replaying DQ8 all fisticuffs. It won't be a challenge though, just a colorful way to play. It'll remove any money deficits, and it gives some pretty good mp-efficient attacks.
  8. Slime Crowns Help...

    HEYO Metal King Armor!
  9. Super Famicom Cartridges

    OK, opinions then! What's preferable, DQ5 or DQ6?
  10. How min of you guys like FF7 of FF10

    Though your grammar is confusing, at least you quoted the post directly before yours so we don't get confused about the last thing that was posted. I'm very picky about my RPGs. I demand quality. Most of the newer FFs do not have that. It's just some dumpy uncreative plot + some bizzare new skill system that is not fun. It's the inherent flaw in any series that they try to mass produce too quickly. It's a similar problem that the mega man series is hit with.
  11. Dating

    What personal experience has left you so jaded? I can't understand a situation where I would think every woman I'll ever meet is an emotionally unstable psycho. Edit: not that I mean to pry. It just seems as though you'd have at least one friend or aquaintance that isn't a jerk.
  12. What's important to keep in mind is that only DW 1-3 are a series. The rest occasionally throw in things to keep them related, but they are cheesy relations at best and don't lend to being any sort of trilogy as I understand it. I don't like that they connected to DW3. I wish they did something more creative than finding orbs on the death sites of the sages. However, I can't complain about naming the god bird Ramia. If anything I like that she pointed out that she's not a god, just really really good at flying.
  13. How min of you guys like FF7 of FF10

    I've played better RPGs than FF7, but very very few. Dragon Warrior 4 and Phantasy Star 4 are probably the only ones that top it. However, it has appeared as though Square decided to make the final fantasy series suck ever since then.
  14. Slime Crowns Help...

    That grammar was terrible, too. Hilltop Hut has a Slime Crown? I know nothing of this. What are the specifics?
  15. Ok I bumped into a used game store I didn't know exist. they have a lot of neat old things. Most notably, they have several copies of Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VI in there. What I would like to do is play through on of them with a walkthrough on my super nes. Now here are the questions I hope to get answers to: 1) I'm fairly sure that to accomodate the different catridge shape simply a game genie can be used to run super famicom games on the super nes; can anyone confirm this? 2) Is following a walkthrough to get through a game I cannot read a good one to go or can anyone suggest something better? 3) Which, V or VI, is better (I don't want to spend too much cash on these items)?