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    At last, it is done. The ten stories for the members of the Denizens guild! For those who don't know, I'm a big fan of the Etrian Odyssey series from Atlus. One of my favorite aspects of the series is the freedom to create your own characters, and with Etrian 5's large emphasis on character customization, I decided to create a Dragon's Den themed guild called the Denizens. Unfortunately there are only 10 classes in game, so apologies for so many being left out. With that said, please enjoy the back stories I've created for the 10 members, and let me know what you think. There's a lot text ahead, so get ready! (As a side note, I'll be posting the stories in separate posts below so it's easier to keep things individual.)
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    Now that I found my missing stylus, I've picked up Art Academy again and touched up some fan art I've done in the past. I'll update this as I do draw more.
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    I got back from the hospital about half an hour ago. Got the phone call my grandpa was there. The short of it is he's in ICU due to his kidneys. It's not sounding good, so I'm glad I went up to see him. As sad as it was to see him in that bad of shape, the good thing was that, while talking to him and telling him what I wanted to, he opened his eyes for a bit, looked right at me and said, "Hey, buddy." I'm glad he recognized me and I was able to talk/see him one more time if things don't improve for him.
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    I married a redhead. As for Maribel, one of my favorite DQVII (PSX) characters. I'm always laughing at her comments, especially when angry. My favorite was the party chat after finishing the game when the hero talked to one of the characters. "Dave, why is your face so red? What the hell were you doing in there, you jerk!?"
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    I know you don't, eal. I think you're like me and nothing people post online really insults you. I just don't want people getting too used to attacking others and their opinions over child porn. We're on slippery ground. We've done a good job not getting too political this past contentious year, let's not get too far in child porn discussions.
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    Squirrels ruin outside life here where I live, chewing up playground equipment and car parts. Hell, there are so many running all over, they ruin inside life too because the damn dog hardly ever stops barking at them! Atlus didn't ruin squirrels. Squirrels ruined squirrels.
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    One of mine that started when my brother and I were young was we had our own Christmas tree in the basement and we got to decorate it how we wanted, so we would draw/trace cartoon and video game characters or what ever other things we wanted to make to add to the tree. So I have my kids do the same thing since they were little, we have their "school project" ornaments on there, some items they have drawn, pearler bead items (like my DW2 heroes Twitter Post ) that I have made, or others they have made (Mega Man, Simon Belmont, Link). I make sure I watch Christmas Vacation, Scrooged and whatever other movies the kids want to watch, Grinch (old and new), Muppet Christmas, White Christmas, etc
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    You may not want to put that quote in your signature.
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    Just think of it as having something worth drinking to.
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    Finally, I'm finished with the Denizens guild stories! Whew, feels good to have them all done. If you need something to read, give it a look through! http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?/topic/37547-the-denizens-guild-a-dragons-den-inspired-guild-by-yangus/
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    The eal-mobile lost a wheel and Yangus got away!
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    http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2017/11/atlus_confirms_that_shin_megami_tensei_v_is_heading_to_the_west_on_nintendo_switch A little while ago there was the exciting announcement in Japan that Shin Megami Tensei V is coming to the Nintendo Switch, with the hybrid being the only confirmed platform to date. It's a franchise that's enjoyed a rich history on Nintendo portables, in particular, so it's undoubtedly a good fit. Now Atlas has confirmed that it will indeed be coming to the West on Switch. This was expected, but official confirmation along with a localised version of the trailer is very welcome. Set in modern Tokyo, players will face a new onslaught of demons in the latest from the highly-acclaimed series. It may be a while before substantial details arrive, but it's good to see that Atlas is eager to promote this one's Western release.
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    Finally finished with my Black Friday shift. It wasn't too bad this year at all, and that's coming from someone who only got an hour worth of sleep before he had to get ready for work. I just couldn't fall asleep for the life of me after getting home from Thanksgiving! Here's some random highlights of the very early morning/morning: -Had a 4 AM walking taco on my break. Would've been better if we had some salsa, but someone neglected to get any. It was still good, and now I can say I've had a 4 AM (walking) taco. -Ended up sleeping for a half hour on my longer break and slept right through my alarm on my cell phone! Luckily I was only late by 5 minutes, and my managers were fine with me being a little late since it never happens. Plus they know I set an alarm if I take a nap on break, so that helps. -About 90% of my customers gave me all the info we need to ask for when ringing them out, which will reflect good on me. -Hilarity ensued at 3 AM when no one came into the store until 6 AM. Pretty good shift overall. I figured I'd be exhausted with how little I've slept, but I'm doing fine! Now to go do some online Black Friday shopping and take a nice long nap.
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    #2 I just had a new PM today, and it had a circle left of the PM title that jumped me to the last post in the PM. #3 post counts may be a bit off, it looks like the forums recounted the whole thing when it went thru the upgrade. #4 it looks like "likes" is to make it more social friendly, a like and and up vote both add +1 to the persons reputation. I can disable the like if everyone likes
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    Koichi Sugiyama is a denier or Japanese war crimes during WWII, and Akira Toriyama was named in the paradise papers, which if I understand correctly, is a list of rich people hiding their finances in foreign markets to avoid taxation or something. That doesn't mean I've stopped playing Dragon Quest, and I even still listen to the games' music all the time. Yeah, child pornography is more serious, but unless the art in question is illicit, I don't see the problem of continuing to enjoy it on its own merit. I mean, you liked it before you learned the artist was a piece of sh¡t.
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    If you're into Bloodborne and Dark Souls (I actually like DS3 a little better than BB, but both are great), don't miss out on Nioh. From my own collection, some titles I've been happy with that weren't mentioned so far: Wolfenstein The New Order (not that big on FPS games, especially not modern ones, but this and Doom really offer something new and very well made) Barman: Arkham Knight (not as good as the two first games, but solid and enjoyable) Resident Evil 7 (not the big game of the year thing people have been making it out to be, but a comfortable return to form for the series) Ys Origin Nex Machina
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    One more that comes to mind:
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    Haven't been here in a while, so I figured I'd update y'all. First off, I ended up losing my car (which originally belonged to my late-father) in a car accident back in October. Apparently a guy decided it would be a GREAT idea to use his brakes while on the freeway, in light traffic, and no one in front of him. Aside from a burn on my arm, I'm ok. The car itself, was also relatively fine and drive-able, bumper and front fan was broken, and the frame only suffered a small dent. Sadly, due to the age and mileage of the car, my insurance wasn't going to fix it, but because of my insurance policy I got a decent check which went towards a new car. Because of this I missed out on a Halloween trip, as well as a VO workshop due to no transportation. Silver Lining: I was given credit for having to cancel the workshop, which then went towards one in January. Also, I got a new car.
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    Worry not, that is DEFINITELY a must buy the moment I am able to, but at least all I need is the original game (prefer the disc to a digital download...seriously, what's up with all the DD versions of games these days?). Monster Hunter should go on my backlist...and OMG, Crash. Heh. Yeah, I could use a solid platformer. Though I do have to consider I'll be buying a Switch sometime before next Christmas, and Mario takes precedent...
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    -Monster Hunter World - Comes out next month on the 26th. -Tearaway Unfolded -Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy -Bloodborne. I know you already mentioned it, but it needs mentioning again. You gotta buy that sweet The Old Hunters DLC!
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    That will get you versions 1 through 3. Version 4 will have to be purchased separately if you want the Version 4 content. There is no all in one that includes Version 4 yet (It'll probably come in a few years). The disk might have more than one installer on it. You may have to run a few installers to get everything. There is going to be a product registration code which should be inside the game box. If you don't buy Version 4, you can still play versions 1 - 3. Some content such as the 100 level cap will require version 4 even if you aren't on the Version 4 story yet.
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    ^ Yangus, have you ever heard of Tomato Adventure? It was made by AlphaDream, and it came out before the first Mario and Luigi game. It's Japan-exclusive and doesn't currently have a fan translation, but I played through the game easily enough and I think you'd find it fun. The battle system is somewhat similar to the M&L games, being by the same company, except that rather than each move being cooperative between the two characters, it plays out a simple little minigame, with each move having its own unique game. You can also increase or decrease the difficulty of each minigame, which will increase or decrease its attack power. It's in Japanese, but I figured I'd let you know about it since you seem to like the M&L games so much! Might be worth checking out at the very least.
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    So, my head cannon is based on one of the side characters in IV. In order to get the zenithian helm, you had to get this king to laugh. So, naturally, you go back to the place where Maya and Meena were employed when they were first introduced and find a comedian, Tom Foolery. Anyway, he's in your party an extremely short time as you can just sail north to show him off to the king and actually doesnt say anything funny but still convinces him that the world being safe would make him just as happy. So, he leaves your party right after and decides to become a wandering minstrel or something. Now, maya, for anyone who hasn't played 4, was jessica before 8 came out. She was the sex appeal character, and that made sense given she worked as a dancer. So, in a couple of lines (at least, when you chose to be a boy, idk what her lines are if the hero is a girl. i'll have to try that playthrough out when i buy the mobile for the party chat) that the hero is pretty good looking. But, she doesn't end up with him since he gets back with that girl who died at the beginning who looks like rose. Torneko has his wife, Alena has Kiryl, Meena is her sister, Borya's balls are dust and Ragnar can have whoever he wants just by wiggling his mustache, but I think he's a little old for Maya. What about Maya? So, given she walks around half naked, everyone in the party knows whoever she settles down with is undoubtedly going to be way out of her league. But they're surprised when she comes home with Tom on her arm, acting like he's trying his hardest to impress her constantly. While he's telling Torneko the one about the king slime with anger issues, Meena takes Maya off to the other room and asks her what she sees in him. In a Who Framed Roger Rabbit-esque moment, she replies, "He makes me laugh."
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    They planned to announce it in October. Changed their background and icons for both the DQ twitter and facebook to a giant 2D slime with a white background, and a post in both indicating an imminent massive announcement. Then they pulled the posts and reverted. Who knows what happened. Who knows when they plan to announce, but I expect them to do their own press conference, and I suspect part of the reason is to mix in other announcements at the same time. Maybe whatever their plans are for DQ1~3 3DS and PS4? Maybe the official DQ7 mobile announcement. Maybe they plan to announce the PS4, 3DS, AND Switch in one go, and maybe because of this they plan to postpone until the official Japanese Switch announcement (perhaps Nintendo ponied up some money or made a point about DQ's 9, 6 DS, J2, 8 3DS and 7 3DS and requested, out of respect, for the Switch version to see its announcement alongside the PS4 version? I do think we'll see DQ's 1~3 melded into the official announcement, and they did spent an awful lot of time reminding us, at least through Mid-June, that DQ11 was the priority release they've been working towards with all their current Western release trends, and allowing us (with Nintendo's help) to play DQ7 3DS. So I imagine they don't want to be overshadowed, and will do their own presser. The original slime banner announcements back in October suggested they would do their own thing, though most of us, myself included, thought it referred to the last Nintendo Direct, since they were so close in proximity and ...well...Nintendo helping with those DQ releases. Releasing info over PSX and even a Nintendo direct would overshadow DQ's announcement, because SE would have to pay extra to assure a long enough period of announcement time, and a large enough presence on stage to get any real attention or lasting attention. With their own presser, they could add in certain other release info/videos from other series, and keep it purely SE games, still get plenty of press, and spend as much time as they want on DQ with less overhead.
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    So something like this? Check the sidebar menu, have Normal, Boss, DLC and Sea (I will add your other specials if this looks OK). http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq73ds/monsters.php?bstgroup=normal
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    I'm liking the dark theme! This feels more like the Den now, haha
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    Actually, it's been long enough since the 3DS release we might actually make some headway if we bug them about it. #DQ7Mobile
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    Don't worry, I plan to update the adventures of the Denizens guild. Just wait and see.
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    Looks like Platty stole my Necromancer title. I guess that's fine since he's gonna lose his fantasy football title to me.
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    Something like this might help. https://www.sitepoint.com/easy-spam-prevention-using-hidden-form-fields/
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    Humblin Bumblin LeFool is my favorite!
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    Sounds like last week for me. Didn't get a lick of work done for my job, which is now backed up and had to purchase my wife a new minivan when her car completely died. First car payments since Plattym5 came along. This week is slowly looking up. Hope your week does too!
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    Should be fixed now, not sure why the members group lost "reply to" rights to some forums. Oh and I renamed the Members group to Denizens
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    It's a $90 add-on for the game judging by the description. The company probably knows their fan base would pay that asking price for that one addition. Anyway, the Christmas decorations have been put up successfully! The tree is always the worst to get set up, but the end result does look nice. Did the lights for it yesterday and the decorations today. Also, something funny happened yesterday: while I did get some more sleep in the afternoon on Friday, I ended up taking 3 naps yesterday through the day, and at 11 PM I was still tired and went to bed after a quick snooze on the couch. I assume I was building up my energy to go to sleep properly. I don't think I've slept that much in one day before in a long time.
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    So do topics no longer display the 5 latest ones? One thing I do miss is seeing the latest threads pop up almost as soon as I log in.
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    Aye. Well it is the internet, and DQ does tend to attract quite a wide array of people of varying degrees of philosophy, life experience, and value systems. I guess it's the nature of the simplicity of the series? It just tugs at the need for adventure. Life is complex as it stands anyway, and DQ is a bright shiny spot that tones things down, and helps me relax, as I'm sure it does for others, and yet has surprising depths. Then again, even though I might find a lot of heterogeneous people amongst the FF and KH games, there is a variety of people. I guess life naturally seeks complexity?
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    I'm trying to build my own dark theme since I cannot use the one I purchased, but I am having trouble finding all the CSS that controls the main post items (basically anything that still has a white background I am having trouble nailing down). If anyone can point out the CSS tags to look at let me know, but I will keep digging.
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    I'm currently reading The Silmarillion. Ainulindalë is my favorite part so far. I really like how the Valar of Ilúvatar musically brought Arda into existence. I think that is a beautiful and poetic way to create a world/universe. I've read Valaquenta and I've started Quenta Silmarillion. Good times.
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    It's been a while since I've been on. (Things have changed on here since then) I've cleared the Grand Trial on Akala, did some side stuff and am currently outside the resort.
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    The latest case I heard was someone doing a Brett Favre and sending a picture of his tallywhacker (is that term allowed? - got that from movie Porky's) to a woman that wasn't his wife. I never understood why someone would do that. All I'll say is that I'm glad that I never cheated on my wife and never screwed up with any of my employees and contractors.
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    Let's keep this civil. No need to say something is a personal weakness. I'm close to stopping this whole discussion if it can't stay civil.
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    Yeah I need to look into that Query 3 thing, i think it is because all the table structures changed, I have to rewrite the code Should be fixed now
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    Good point. In this case, I might actually promote that anyone still interested in his works pirate them, so as to not bankroll his disgusting life.
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    I'm hoping when I get the dark theme going that will help
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    The hero marries Jessica in DQ VIII 3DS.
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    Gamefaq people probably like those bosom.. haha.
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    Yup, definitely Yangus. He makes nose-picking cool! (And if picking your nose is cool, consider me Miles Davis.) Didnt sprise me but did sprise me that no one vote Jessica in the female topic.
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    ...Well, come on, all of the DQ females from 1-7 were 2-dimension sprites. I dont know how they qualify as hot.