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  2. Pokemans!

    Nice! I never actually played Crystal when I was a kid, so I might pick this up. Eventually.
  3. Pokemans!

    Pokemon Crystal is coming to the eshop. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/12/14/pokmon-crystal-headed-nintendo-3ds-via-eshop-january-26-2018/
  4. PS4 Must Buys

    I have a hard time recommending Witcher 3 to anyone. I liked it a lot, but after being done with it, it's one of those games I don't feel like ever returning to. Looking back on it, a lot of it was grinding mediocre sidequests and scouring repetitive environment. Apart from that its biggest qualities is the world building, dialogue and story progression. But it's also extremely dry, typical of Western RPGs, and doesn't have the same impact that W2 did to me. It's your typical open world "casual" RPG, and probably better than Skyrim.
  5. I don't think DQ menus need to be "modernized" in any extreme sense. But what the hell keeps them from using icons? It helps so much with quickly discerning what you're looking at when it comes to a huge list of special abilities and inventory. It seems the PS4 version does have very simple icons to indicate if something is equipment or usable item, etc. But why not use something more indicative? It's not that I don't like reading text, but it really helps when glancing over long lists, and makes the experience more smooth and intuitive. Skyrim pulled a similar trick compared to Oblivion which had icons/thumbnails for everything. The menu might look much more modern and sleek, but it's way more cumbersome to use. I'm not a fan of having to load a full screen menu in DQ8, but I love everything else about it.
  6. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Squirrels ruin outside life here where I live, chewing up playground equipment and car parts. Hell, there are so many running all over, they ruin inside life too because the damn dog hardly ever stops barking at them! Atlus didn't ruin squirrels. Squirrels ruined squirrels.
  7. Interesting to see more people here go to Amazon.co.uk than to Amazon.com, even though I imagine most people here are from the US. (Random thought)

  8. Localization News: DQXI

    I think I speak for a lot of DQ players in that many of us are September birthdays. So that would be quite the birthday present.
  9. Localization News: DQXI

    Not really. The plan was always Switch Japan before any International release. I don't think for a second that was ever any different in their original planning. I think it's more like they decided to postpone the announcement to cut down on funds and spending on two announcements, alongside assuring a full simultaneous release worldwide of all versions to reduce marketing costs, overhead, and allow them to spend more time on the game itself, letting players pick which system or systems they prefer to play on.
  10. Localization News: DQXI

    Actually yes, that's the most likely. Why? Simple. If they're going for the biggest bang for the buck in releasing in the US/EU, why bother advertising twice, when you can advertise only once for all three systems? It's MUCH cheaper on their end, and given DQ is still niche, there's less guarantee of better sales and resales for the Switch down the road, when you can announce and release all at once. I'm sure even Nintendo has had a part in this, due to their help, but mostly I think it's about cost effectiveness.
  11. Localization News: DQXI

    It's definitely possible... in which case a long wait ahead. :/
  12. What's New with you?

    I should not be snickering this much. Thanks duderino
  13. PS4 Must Buys

    I've had the opposite problem. I've only had a PS4 for (almost) a year, and I already have several physical games and a good amount of digital games. Sony just has really good sales on the PSN, and a lot of physical copies on Amazon for games are around $20! I'm always late to the Sony party, but it's been fun every time.
  14. What's New with you?

    Do not take Cymbalta if you are pregnant or may become pregnant. -incessant TV advertising In all seriousness, I hope things start getting better for you soon. Good luck, Demo.
  15. What's New with you?

    Keeping on the gabapentin and I'm gonna be adding cymbalta to the mix.
  16. PS4 Must Buys

    I second Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and anything with Dragon Quest in the title. That's all I really play on PS4, waiting for some Spyro. (I'm sure it's gonna happen - Sony's teased it a little bit, and Activision has alluded to it in some investor meeting or something.) Umm... I don't play it on PS4, but I'm loving Rocket League. Unfortunately, there's no cross-play on PS4 like XBox One/Switch/PC, so I can't really recommend it until Sony gets their heads out of their asses. (Personally, I play on Switch.)
  17. Yesterday
  18. Fantastic to hear he is still working on this! I wasn't aware Tom was on twitter, so i've only ever kept track of it on the Aerie.
  19. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    They really need to make a squirrel super boss.
  20. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Updating my list of Rare Blades, I got the Wind Ball-type Boreas today in the middle of adventuring through Uraya.
  21. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Oh...Jeez Atlus, gotta ruin squirrels
  22. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Sounds like you're talking about Etrian Untold 2 and the hedgehog you can keep helping and you go through the floors of the Ancient Forest. The thread stealing squirrel was only in the first Stratum of the original Etrian 2, but the Untold remake threw him into each Stratum (excluding the 6th). Anyway Platty, the squirrels your talking about in the 5th Stratum aren't the difficult encounter ones I mentioned a page or so ago. The ones I was referring to then are behind the locked door in the 2nd Stratum, being fire elemental. The Ice ones in the 5th Stratum aren't near as bad.
  23. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    I'm fully aware of those infernal rodents. Thought it would eventually turn into something like that hedgehog in stratum 1. Jokes on you squirrel. I just use Warp
  24. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Those aren't the squirrels I'm talking about. You'll know which one I mean soon enough.
  25. Etrian Odyssey Discussion Thread

    Oh, it's most definitely why I'm over leveled! Yeah, I've recalled your advice. Any battle with them is a 1-round affair as I use every skill possible to end that ASAP!
  26. I have added the 2017 DQ X Christmas wallpapers to the DQX Wallpapers page. I added the 3 desktop and 3 mobile resolutions. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dq10wii/wallpaper.php
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